Where to Buy Pearl Jewelry Online? 25 Best Pearl Jewelry Brands & Pearl Jewelry Stores

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Wonder where to buy pearl jewelry online?

In this post, I will show you the best pearl jewelry brands and pearl jewelry stores with top reviews where you can find pretty and quality pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl rings, etc.

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Alright, let’s check them out!

Best Pearl Jewelry Brands & Pearl Jewelry Stores



Happyzzzsu is a jewelry store that not only sells pearl jewelry but also sells other dainty jewelry. They have over 500 pieces of jewelry with different designs and nearly half are pearl jewelry. And their pearl jewelry is SO beautiful that you cannot even resist.


Miracle Lives Gift Shop

The combination of gold metal and white pearl makes the jewelry even more gorgeous! And I have to say their jewelry is unusual just like the pearl jewelry with golden hands. It’s SO beautiful, isn’t it? Just like the name of the store, their jewelry will be a flattering gift.


Kelly Pearl Design

Kelly Pearl Design has minimal and dainty pearl jewelry which will match your everyday outfits and chic outfits very well. In other words, they can make you look elegant daily.


MrsQ Creation

MrsQ Creation has classic pearl jewelry which is nice to pair with feminine and elegant dresses. I’m sure that wearing their pearl jewelry will make a good impression on people around you.


Darling Original

What I love about Darling Original is that they have many different styles of pearl necklaces and each one is lovely. Also, they have a few pearl jewelry pieces which combine with jade. They are so unique that it’s a waste not to take a look!


Art and Crafts Jewelry

Besides the round pearl jewelry and oval pearl jewelry, Art and Crafts Jewelry also has lots of jewelry made of Baroque pearls whose shape is irregular. And they have jewelry made of bigger pearls too. It’s a good place to find statement pearl jewelry.


Roze & More

Roze & More not only has so many cute pearl earrings (especially their hoop earrings) but also has personalized pearl initial necklaces and bracelets. Look! It’s so fascinating, isn’t it?


so.elle Jewelry

  • The style of the pearl jewelry they have is very minimal and classy. (They use a lot of small size pearls.)
  • Some of them combine pearls, metals, and gemstones, which look as pretty as jewelry made of pearls solely.
  • You will see lots of beaded pearl jewelry, especially pearl rings.
  • They are good to wear daily and suit business casual outfits as well.

Pearl’s Secret

This is a good place to get dainty single pearl earrings which is the basic of pearl jewelry. That is a must-have for women who want to look elegant!


Joella Rose Jewellery

Joella Rose Jewellery has even more single pearl earrings for you to choose from. They are similar but each one is slightly different. The golden part has different designs and the shape of the pearls looks different too!


Mee Pearls

Most of their pearl jewelry is made of one, two, three, or five pearls the most and a thin golden chain. They are such simple pearl jewelry but still extremely elegant.


Unique Fine Jewelry CA

At Unique Fine Jewelry CA, you will see lots of unique and pretty pearl earrings, including cluster earrings, stud earrings, and Baroque pearl earrings. Many of them combine different metal designs, which makes each piece of jewelry even more shining.


Workshop ZADE

Workshop ZADE has classy and ladylike pearl jewelry, mostly pearl rings and pearl earrings. They will be great to wear on formal occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, or pair with a beautiful evening dress.


Lovy Atelier

The design of Lovy Atelier’s pearl jewelry is quite simple. Besides the regular pearl jewelry, they also have pearl beads necklaces and pearl gemstone necklaces which look fresh and cute. Oh, and you should see their pearl hair ties, they are REALLY pretty.


Anastasia’s Inspirations

Anastasia’s Inspirations is a pearl jewelry store for brides and bridesmaids. So you will see a lot of wedding jewelry made of pearl, rhinestone, and sterling silver. In addition, they have many jewelry sets like earrings and necklace sets, earrings sets for 5 bridesmaids, etc. And don’t worry, even if you’re not a bride and bridesmaid, you still can have the pearl jewelry you like.


Cake Candle Holder

You can expect to see unique and unusual handmade pearl jewelry here. Especially the necklace, you can hardly find such a chic, classy, and stylish pearl necklace like that in other stores.


BeBrace Jewelry

The best thing about BeBrace Jewelry is that you can choose the shape and size of the pearl and choose the length of the necklace and bracelet. And you will get a classic and elegant pearl necklace or bracelet with your favorite design.


Jean Joaillerie

Jean Joaillerie is a luxury pearl jewelry brand with minimal, classy, and ladylike jewelry. Most of them are made of Baroque pearls whose shape is irregular yet unique. I believe they are not only great to wear on formal occasions but also will be precious gifts for someone you care about.


Idyll Studios

Idyll Studios has some fancy and trendy pearl jewelry that I believe young females would like such as pearl initial ring, beaded ring and necklace, half pearl and half gemstone necklace, pearl waist chain, etc.



SchmuckvonElla’s pearl jewelry is mostly made of small pearls. You will see lots of girly pearl necklaces and some of them are with cute pendants.


MaiLina Maui

Besides their gorgeous white pearl jewelry, they also have Tahitian pearl jewelry whose color is darker but as beautiful as white pearl jewelry. Instead, because of its color, it is more mysterious and alluring. If you haven’t seen or worn it before, it might be an excellent chance to try Tahitian pearl jewelry.


Dream Island Jewellery

This is a bridal jewelry shop that has vintage, splendid, and exquisite pearl jewelry. I believe when any bride or even any woman wears the jewelry of Dream Island Jewellery, she will feel so blessed.


EJewellery Creations

EJewellery Creations mostly has pearl necklaces and their designs are pretty consistent. You can expect pearl necklaces with lovely pendants like heart, angel, butterfly, smile face, zodiac signs, etc., which are super cute!


The Pearled Squirrel

At The Pearled Squirrel, you will see pearl jewelry made of different colored pearls including white, pink, gray, black, brown, and more! If you get tired of common white pearl jewelry, it’s a good place to find your new special pearl jewelry.


Vermeer Jewelry

The pearl jewelry of Vermeer Jewelry is the most impressive one I have ever seen! Unlike the classic elegant pearl jewelry, they feature hand-carved skull pearl jewelry (They have rose pearl jewelry and others too). And I really admire their craftsmanship and creativity. If you want something gothic or something unusual, this might be a nice choice.

Those are the best pearl jewelry brands and pearl jewelry stores that I want to recommend to you. Hope you find your favorite pearl jewelry and enjoy your shopping!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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