Honest Review: A Lovely Boho Makeup Bag from Night + Gale (Coupon Code Included)

All Of A Sudden, It Happened To Me…

One day, I received an email from the owner of Night + Gale (An online shop that features handmade boho style purses and makeup bags). She said she enjoyed my fashion blog and wanted to send me a makeup bag as a gift, which I had never expected. Weeks later, I got the makeup bag!! I was so excited and I want to share this special experience with you guys…

First Impression of This Night + Gale Makeup Bag

My first impression when I unpacked was “It was wrapped delicately.” It was wrapped in a very thin paper that made me feel somehow the quality was nice. It felt different and slightly better than plastic packaging from some online stores. (Undeniably, plastics feel cheap and unsustainable (not eco-friendly) compared to papers.)

Night + Gale makeup bag

After I carefully opened it and saw the things inside, I was impressed. Why? The makeup bag looked exactly like the photo I saw online! (No disappointment!) I was happy about that.

You may have experienced this when you go online shopping: You see something extremely beautiful at the online store, and as soon as you unbox it, you get disappointed because it is not what you expected. I have experienced that a couple of times. And then I tried to persuade myself that “It happens when you shop online…” It sounds kind of sad but on the other hand, when you receive something that is as you expected, you may feel more pleased or satisfied.

Night + Gale makeup bag
Night + Gale makeup bag
This picture is from Night + Gale‘s official website.

See? The makeup bag I received just looks like the one from the online shop! (The color may look a little bit different because of the lighting) Also, the owner handwrote a short letter to me. Awww… How sweet is that!

The Details of This Night + Gale Makeup Bag

The white part is canvas, and the green part is faux leather. The makeup bag felt soft, and the leather part was extra smooth. There are only 3 colors: black, white, and sage green (What a beautiful green!). I think the limited colors and the design make this makeup bag understated and elegant. The green color and the leaf pattern remind us of nature. When you look at it, you can somehow feel calm and peaceful in your mind.

Night + Gale makeup bag

The lining is made of black cotton, which is great. Sometimes the cosmetics may spill accidentally, and if the lining is light-colored, it looks bad with the stain. The black color will make it less visible.

The size of this makeup bag is pretty decent. It is a little bigger than my original makeup bag. So when I moved all my cosmetics to their new home, there was still plenty of space. It should be able to contain your makeup essentials unless you are a makeup maniac.

Speaking of my original makeup bag, I was thinking about getting a new makeup bag because my old one is kind of broken… (It is small and I overpacked) And then a new makeup bag just came to me! Is it destiny? (or am I being dramatic? Haha) I feel so blessed and grateful!!

Final Thoughts About This Night + Gale Makeup Bag

To be honest, I wasn’t very interested in this makeup bag at the beginning. You know, everyone has their personal taste and it was just not my cup of tea. So I pretty much didn’t have expectations at all. (And I also tried not to expect it so that I wouldn’t get disappointed.) And maybe because of that, it was beyond my expectations and I love it! The more I see this makeup bag, the more I think it is lovely and get attracted to it. Somehow this makeup bag has a magical attraction…

Besides, I thought that if a shop owner would like to send someone one of the products as a gift, he or she is probably quite confident about their product. Overall, it is a high-quality handmade makeup bag and I am really satisfied with it.

Although it is a makeup bag, it also can be a nice pouch to carry around when you go out casually. I think it is suitable for many different clothing styles like boho, elegant, minimal, and casual outfits. You can pair it with a white T-shirt and jeans, or a cute flowy sundress. (I would wear it like that) If you’re a minimalist, you can use it as your daily clutch bag! (By the way, Night + Gale also has a clutch purse that looks similar to this makeup bag. The size is bigger than the makeup bag.)

Or if the interior of your home is based on boho style (or it is going to be), this makeup bag will very likely fit your home decor. To me, this makeup bag is a beautiful home decor in itself.

Night + Gale makeup bag
Night + Gale makeup bag
Night + Gale makeup bag

These pictures are from Night + Gale‘s official website.

If You Like This Makeup Bag or Are Interested In Similar Bags…

Thank you for reading this post to the end. If you’re interested in this makeup bag or similar bags, you can visit Night + Gale‘s online shop to see more details and purchase the item. In addition to the makeup bag I introduced in this post, there are other makeup bags, pouches, clutches, and purses with similar styles but with different colors and designs!

The shop owner kindly provided a coupon code for my readers. The coupon code is ROZALIEE10 for 10% off an order. Don’t forget to use it!

By the way, this shop is currently only available for shipping in the United States.


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