Where to Buy Bohemian Jewelry Online? 29 Best Boho Jewelry Brands & Boho Jewelry Boutiques

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Wonder where to buy bohemian jewelry online?

In this post, I will show you the best boho jewelry brands and boho jewelry boutiques with top reviews where you can find pretty and quality boho jewelry.

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Alright, let’s check them out!

Best Boho Jewelry Brands & Boho Jewelry Boutiques



  • I think the biggest feature of this boho jewelry brand is its beaded jewelry. Not only do they have other types of boho jewelry, but also they have beaded hair accessories, beaded hatbands, beaded bags, etc. It’s really nice because, for instance, when you wear matching beaded jewelry and a beaded hatband, you will look extra fashionable!
  • What I particularly like about this brand is that their jewelry is very colorful, and gives a lively and cheerful impression. It feels like when you look at it, your day will be brightened up.
  • Some are artistically stylish, and some are so cute that if I had a little girl, I would let her wear those jewelry pieces. It might be a good idea to wear matching jewelry with your daughter, mom, sister, or best friends!
  • If you have an adventurous heart or want to surprise someone (including yourself), you can try their Mystery Box!
  • “5% of proceeds from every purchase is donated.” You can learn more by visiting their website.


  • I guess most boho fashion lovers know this fashion brand. (If you don’t know yet, don’t worry, you can check out my post about boho clothing stores, where I briefly talked about this brand.) They not only sell modern boho clothing but also sell captivating boho jewelry!
  • Some are whimsical enough to attract attention! I don’t know why but I feel their boho jewelry exudes a sort of chicness.

Songbird Cabin Designs

  • Most of their earrings combine metals (silver, brass, copper, etc.) and gemstones. And there are always special patterns on the metals, which look vintage and cute!
  • Main Product: Dangle Earrings

Viecrafts Jewelry

  • You can get boho earrings set at a really good price, which contains 3 boho earrings with different designs. It’s always good to have choices when matching your boho outfit!
  • Main Product: Boho Earrings


  • This boho jewelry boutique features handwoven fringe beaded earrings and honestly, their earrings are AMAZING!!! You really need to check out how beautiful, delicate, and fashionable they are.
  • Main Product: Fringe Beaded Earrings


  • If you consider yourself a minimalist, you will love this shop. Their jewelry blends boho and minimal style and will make you look more feminine and elegant.
  • Main Product: Dainty Beaded Jewelry

My Sojourner Soul

  • Other than fixed design bracelets, you can also choose your favorite clasp, charm, leather color, font, etc. (depending on the design you choose) to make your one-of-a-kind boho bracelet!
  • Main Product: Personalized Leather Bracelets

Evelyn Creations Store

  • You’ll see many different kinds of boho jewelry made of unique gemstones which you may have never seen before! Come and see if there is one you will adore.
  • Main Product: Necklace

SERENITY project

  • They have a lot of jewelry made of small and round gemstones with beautiful colors. They just look so feminine and cute!
  • Main Product: Necklace

Curious Oddities

  • Their jewelry is so mysterious, dreamy, and delicate that I literally obsess over it. I highly recommend you check out their Gemstone Jewelry and Moon & Star Jewelry, you will be surprised by their craft.
  • Main Product: Gemstone Jewelry

Kentucky Moon Designs

  • Have you ever imagined what it’s gonna look like when wood combines with resin? You will know how fashionable it could be in this boho jewelry boutique.
  • Main Product: Wood & Resin Boho Jewelry

Amy Waltz Designs

  • Their jewelry is really dainty and cute. They will keep you smiling when you see them. Also, beautiful personalized jewelry will be a great gift for someone you care about. I believe she will be very happy to receive it.
  • Main Product: Necklace

Cinful Bead Creations

  • You will see a variety of jewelry with a combination of beads, metals, and leather. Just wear them whenever you want to switch your mood. It’s gonna feel like you’re traveling in another country.
  • Main Product: Leather Earrings

designs by kekugi

  • Simple yet unusual. All you need is a piece of jewelry only made of leather and metal to look different! Their jewelry is perfect for matching bohemian style maxi dresses, for going to the beach, or on the vacation.
  • Main Product: Choker Necklace

BellaMia Beads Studio

  • This is a fun place to find something special. You will literally see various pieces of jewelry here. Please check out their Perfume Bottles because they are so adorable!
  • Main Product: Necklace

Wyld Soul

  • If you love leather, fringe, and earrings, this will be your paradise! When you wear these wild, chic, and stylish boho earrings, it’s hard not to get people’s attention.
  • Main Product: Leather Feather Earrings

Tied Up Memories

  • This is a good place to look for minimal and dainty boho jewelry. Even if you wear them daily, they never go out of style.
  • Main Product: Necklace

Stephs Clay Goods

  • When you see the jewelry, you can feel that they are artworks made by the creator’s heart. And I love that most of their jewelry is light and neutral colors, which are good to wear all seasons.
  • Main Product: Polymer Clay Jewelry

Mighty Moon

  • In this boho jewelry boutique, you will see two types of jewelry which are wood and gemstone beaded bracelets and macramé bracelets. They are bracelets that are hard to find in other stores. So if you are interested, don’t miss out on this one!
  • Main Product: Bracelet

Daisy London Creations

  • There are beaded bracelets made of many different kinds of gemstones. Different colors, shapes, and designs… Come and see if there is one that you like!
  • Main Product: Beaded Bracelet

Moxie Studio Designs

  • Love their hand-painted jewelry!!! They are very detailed and artistic. And their hoop earrings and dangle earrings are gorgeous! It’s such a waste not to flaunt your new boho jewelry!
  • Main Product: Earrings


  • The jewelry in this store is very casual, cute, and peaceful. A lot of their jewelry is nature inspired and I think they are perfect for girls who are free spirits.
  • Main Product: Earrings

Shallow Bay Jewellery

  • Looking for boho earrings with a unique pattern or design? If so, you absolutely need to check out this boho jewelry boutique. They offer earrings made of gold, silver, bronze, copper, and steel. Each of them has a different style and different designs. It could be hard to choose because most of them are super cool!
  • Main Product: Earrings

Serenity Hill Jewelry

  • In this store, you will find antique and vintage style boho jewelry. There are so many well-crafted dangle earrings for you to choose from.
  • Main Product: Earrings

Made by Moonlite

  • How can you resist these cute little macrame earrings? Choose your favorite color, shape, and material (bronze, gold, silver, wood), wear these earrings, and have a refreshing bohemian look!
  • Main Product: Macrame Earrings

Shlomit Ofir

  • You can find A LOT OF quality accessories here from affordable ones to premium ones. (More than 1000 products!) It’s so joyful to browse the store because almost every accessory they have is beautiful. You will definitely find your favorite one for your boho outfit.
  • Except for regular accessories, they also sell bridal / evening accessories, custom engraved accessories, engagement / wedding rings, solid gold earrings, and jewelry holders if you need one. I think this store is really thoughtful of their customers.
  • This store was rated No.33 on “Top 100 Etsy Jewelry Sellers” list. How amazing!

Josiah Eidmann Studios

  • Their products are the most beautiful accessories made of wood and stone I have ever seen.
  • The creator is very talented, artistic, and has his own style, which I really appreciate.
  • I would say every piece of accessories in the store is pure artwork. It’s so unique, stylish, and alluring.

Dainty Romance

  • This is a great place to find beautiful and quality one-of-a-kind raw stone jewelry which can make your boho fashion even more stunning.
  • I love that there are many different colors of raw stones I can choose from. Some colors have ethereal looks that it’s hard to resist.
  • Besides, they also have exquisite suncatchers made of different types of crystals, which can brighten up your mood, your room, and your car.

ANIJ by Aniko

  • At this store, you will find very authentic boho accessories including bracelets and clay earrings. (Both of them look awesome!)
  • I can’t believe all the unique accessories they sell are such a good value. I mean they could even charge more but they didn’t, which is very sweet.
  • I really wanna recommend their face earrings to you because they are so special and stylish! (I wish the creators’ talents can be seen by as many people as possible.)

Those are the best boho jewelry brands and boho jewelry boutiques that I want to recommend to you. Hope you find your favorite boho jewelry and enjoy your shopping!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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