What is Elegant Style in Fashion? 12 Best Examples to Understand Quick and Easy

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Do you wanna look elegant? Do you wanna have an elegant style? If so, the first thing you have to do is understand what is elegant style.

In this post, I am going to help you understand what elegant style is, what characteristics it has, and how to recognize it.

Also, I will show you some iconic examples which are real fashion products that have elegant styles so that you can understand better.

what is elegant style in fashion

Before I explain what is elegant style, I wanna let you know that a style can be applied anywhere. For example, elegant style fashion, elegant style art, elegant style interior design, elegant lifestyle, etc.

The elegant style I talk about in this post will be focused on the fashion industry. I will mostly mention the colors, the patterns, the fabrics, the fashion items that have elegant style.

If you absorb the concept of that, I believe you can apply this to other things as well.

Alright, let’s begin!

What is Elegant Style?

Elegant Style is a kind of fashion style that looks elegant. Any outfit or fashion item that looks elegant can be considered elegant style.

Here are some points of Elegant Style:

  1. Anything understated and delicate is elegant. On the other hand, anything too bold or showy is NOT elegant. They are the opposite. For example, you can barely see bold colors or fancy clothes in elegant style.
  2. It is similar to modest, classy, feminine, minimalist, somtimes vintage style and that’s why they have common fashion items such as solid maxi dress, pearl jewelry, and so on.
  3. Traditionally, clothes with laces or ruffles are elegant. However, clothes with simple yet feminine designs are more accepted by modern people because of the influence of minimalism (This is my personal opinion). In other words, an A-line dress without any special design(laces, ruffles, or whatever) can still look elegant as well.

After learning the basics of elegant style, I’m going to show you the examples you can easily see in the real life.

Elegant Color

White Color

White is the purest color and definitely the most understated color as well. (Black is understated and elegant too. But it is classier and sexier.)

If you see all the white dresses in this post: 21 The Most Beautiful White Summer Dresses for Women that Make You A Goddess This Summer, you will realize how elegant white color is.


Pale Color

Pale color is a less saturated color with a very light tone. If you match the color with elegant fabrics (which I will mention later), it’s easier to choose the right elegant style clothes.

For example, a pale blue lace dress, pale pink chiffon dress, pale yellow satin dress, and so on.

Of course, you can switch the pale colors to other elegant colors like white and neutral colors and find the one you love the most.


Neutral Color

Beige, khaki, brown, tan, nude…these are all neutral colors. They are VERY popular and good to wear anytime, anywhere, any occasion.

They may not make a strong impression on people, but these colors are understated enough to be elegant colors.


Elegant Pattern

No Pattern

This is the easiest way to have an elegant style. No need to worry about what type of clothes you should wear. Just choose the solid one with light colors. The secret is…it ALWAYS works!


Floral Pattern

Flowers are naturally beautiful. I guess this is what elegant women pursue.

Floral pattern is a classic pattern so it’s good that you can wear a floral dress or floral blouse year after year, especially in spring and summer.


Embroidered Pattern

Embroidery is similar to lace. Both of them need excellent handmade skills before machines were created. I believe this characteristic is what makes them beautiful and elegant.


Elegant Fabric

Lace Fabric

Lace is one of the most delicate fabrics. Because it is delicate and can also enhance your femininity, clothes made of lace are perfect for elegant style outfits.


Chiffon Fabric

What makes chiffon charming is that it drapes beautifully and because it is a light fabric, it flows elegantly every time you move.


Silk/Satin Fabric

Silk and Satin both have a glossy look. (Silk is high quality and satin is more affordable.) This type of fabric usually makes people think it is noble and classy.

Because of that, even if you wear a solid silk or satin dress, it doesn’t look boring at all and you can have an elegant look effortlessly.

Of course, you can also choose the one with patterns and give your outfit a different flavor.


Elegant Item

Maxi Empire Dress

Most of the dresses with long length (midi and maxi dresses) and vintage style dresses are elegant.

Maxi empire dress is a vintage style dress that I highly recommend to you if you wanna look elegant.

The dress is extremely beautiful and also, you will look taller when you wear it because of its high waist design.


Feminine Blouse

Having a blouse is very important. If you have one blouse, you can create several different elegant style outfits.

If you choose the right feminine blouse, you can not only make a good impression at work but also look beautiful on a date.


Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is the accessory all elegant women have. Wearing pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl rings can easily enhance your elegance.

Where to Buy Pearl Jewelry Online?

Those are the iconic elegant style fashion items.

If you like simple and feminine style clothes in light colors which look classy and delicate, the elegant style must be something you wanna try.

In my future blog posts, I will talk about how to dress elegantly and elegant style outfit ideas.

what is elegant style
Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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