About Rozaliee

Hi, I’m Rozaliee!

First of all, I really really really appreciate you visiting my blog and also spending extra time to see this About Me Page. I know lots of people don’t care much about who I am, but just in case you are curious about me, here is my story, and get ready because I will take you to travel to 4 different countries!

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From Taiwan to Korea

I am a Korean girl who was born in Taiwan. I love fashion so much that I knew I am going to be a fashion designer since I was little. After I graduated my high school in Taiwan, I chose to study Clothing & Textiles at my university in Korea because I know it was a great opportunity that I shouldn’t miss. (Plus I LOVE to travel around!!)

From Korea to USA

I tried so hard to finish all my credits in 3 years in order to intern in a fashion company in the United States in my senior year. Thank God I planned and prepared everything including my English so I could achieve my goal at the time which is being an Assistant Fashion Designer. By the way, I only stayed in the US for 1 year but that was one of the best times in my life. I really miss California Sunset…

From USA to Japan

After my journey in the US, I came back to Asia and my next stop was Japan. Actually, I passed N1 of JLPT(Japanese Language Exam) when I was a university student because I LOVE cultures and languages. I thought it was a waste if I don’t use Japanese and also I wanted to study Kimono(Japanese Traditional Costume). The thing was I wasn’t as happy as I was in the US when I lived in Japan. But the great thing was I started my blogging journey…

…and Here We Are!

Blogging makes me truly happy because this is the space where I can express myself and my creativity genuinely. You can see how I love to make my website, posts, and pictures look good. And I LOVE to share my valuable fashion tips with my readers. If I can make You happy, then I’m happy.

I had never given up my dream as a Fashion Designer, instead, I realized that I want to be a fashion brand owner rather than just an employee. Blogging is one of the processes of achieving my dream and I KNOW it will change my life because it makes me learn and grow a lot. And I Want You and Expect You to Grow with Me through my blog.

I Wanna Help You to…

  1. Enjoy Fashion Smartly. (For example, I Will Help You to Find Affordable Quality Fashion Products that can use for a long time.)
  2. Become a Fashionista that All Your Female Friends will be Jealous of You.
  3. Be More Attractive so that Males are Attracted to You.
  4. Be More Confident, Love Yourself, and Be Yourself.
  5. Grow and Become the Woman of Your Dream.
  6. Be Successful in Your Career and Your Personal Life.
  7. Live Your Dream Life as A Woman.
  8. Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life.
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Again, I appreciate you reading my story to the end.

I hope the content in this blog can entertain you, solve your problems, make your day better, and even change your life somehow.

If you have any questions or need personal advice from me or even just want to be friends with me, please don’t be shy and you are very welcome to leave a comment on my blog posts or email me. I will do my best to help you.

I’ll see you again soon!