How to Be More Feminine? 8 Ultimate Tips that Never Fail

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Do you want to attract males? Do you want to be admired by females? Do you want a better social life?

No matter which reason it is, I am going to tell you how to be more feminine in a smart way.

In this post, you will see…

  • How to be more feminine by changing your mind and behavior
  • How to look more feminine by dressing up
  • How to be the woman you want to be (If you wanna learn more!)

Alright, let’s get started!

How to Be More Feminine?

1. Have Feminine Quality

To be more feminine, you have to think like a lady, act like a lady, and look like a lady.

I will tell you how to look like a lady in detail later in this post. But first of all, your mind and behavior are most important.

Ok…so what should I do?

how to be more feminine

Try to be a woman who is…

  • Gentle: Be kind and don’t be rude or aggressive to everyone.
  • Refined: Don’t speak too loud or say any curse/swear words.
  • Considerate: Be helpful as much as you can without hurting other people.
  • Sentimental: Share your feeling with others but don’t be too emotional.
  • Sympathetic: Be supportive and share your love.

As long as you have these characteristics, you will get closer to a feminine woman.

However, I know it’s hard to change your character immediately.

Just try your best and if something doesn’t work for you, then don’t force yourself or fake yourself. That is the last thing I want you to do.

Be real and let other tips help you become more feminine.

2. Have Feminine Hairstyle

Long hair is the symbol of females, just like short hair is the symbol of males.

Even though lots of women have short hair and lots of men have long hair nowadays, traditionally, long hair is still one thing that makes women feminine and attractive.

In addition, compared to straight hair, wavy hair has a romantic look that can instantly enhance your femininity.

To easily have beautiful wavy hair at home, you can use Sephora‘s best-selling hair styling tools such as:

Sometimes, you can keep your hair straight and curl the bottom of your hair. That looks great too!

how to be more feminine wavy hair

3. Wear Feminine Makeup

It’s true that wearing makeup can make women way more beautiful and feminine.

The question is what kind of makeup makes us look most feminine?

Instead of wearing sexy makeup, smokey makeup, or using bold colors, I think natural and pure makeup will make you look refined, graceful, and less aggressive, which is perfect feminine makeup!

Here are some tips to create natural and pure feminine makeup:

Having a feminine makeup look doesn’t require a lot of makeup products or tools. All you need is basic products in a couple of feminine colors that you like. Keep your face clean and natural, and you will look beautiful enough.


4. Wear Feminine Colors

If you make good use of feminine colors, no matter on your makeup, your outfit, or whatever, you can absolutely look more feminine than you don’t!

In this section, I’m going to tell you the most popular feminine colors that you can apply.

Pink Colors

Pink Colors Examples:

  • #F8D8E3
  • #F3BED0
  • #F0A2BC
  • #F38FB3
  • #FA7BA8

Traditionally, Blue is the color for boys and Pink is the color for girls. And today we still recognize pink as a feminine color.

It is not only a lovely color but also one of the best colors for fashion. If you wonder how to create stylish pink outfits, you can see this post: 10 Best Items for Pink Outfit that are Worth Buying

Pinkish Colors

Pinkish Colors Examples:

  • #FAD1B2
  • #F7B2AF
  • #F7C2C1
  • #F1C6EE
  • #E9B3E1

Colors that are close to pink or have pinkish shades, we can consider them feminine colors as well. For example, peach, lilac, and lavender.

If you are getting tired of pink or you’re just a person who doesn’t like pink, these pinkish colors can also give you a beautiful feminine look.

Soft Colors

Soft Colors Examples:

  • #CEF4F8
  • #D1CCEB
  • #FED3D9
  • #FDF0D7
  • #C5EBD5

Feminine colors are usually related to feminine qualities. The reason why soft colors are feminine colors is that Soft is another word for Gentle, and Gentleness is one of the qualities of femininity.

People love soft colors because they are so comfortable to look at and they also brighten your mood when you see them. They are perfect colors for spring and summer!

Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors Examples:

  • #F3DCD4
  • #ECC9C7
  • #D9E3DA
  • #D1CFC0
  • #C2C2B4

Neutral colors are similar to soft colors but paler. They are so easy to match and barely go out of style.

If you want a classy and minimal feminine look that is good to wear all seasons, I highly recommend you use neutral colors such as ivory, beige, nude, pale gray, sage, etc.

5. Wear Feminine Clothes

After learning the feminine colors we can use, now it’s time to see what type of clothes can make us look more feminine!

You can either get these beautiful clothes directly if you like any of them or find your ideal clothes which have feminine designs (that I’m gonna talk about in this section) or in feminine colors by yourself.

Skirt & Dress

Skirts and Dresses are iconic feminine clothes without a doubt. As a woman, I feel so lucky that I can wear thousands of types of skirts and dresses. Do you feel the same?


Lace & Chiffon Clothes

Lace and chiffon are as delicate as females. That’s why they are the best fabrics to accentuate your femininity. You can easily create an elegant feminine look with them.


Floral Print Clothes

Females love flowers and they are as beautiful as flowers. I would say floral print is probably the most important pattern for feminine clothes.

Every female should have at least one floral print blouse or dress and I highly recommend the dress. It will definitely make you shine in spring and summer.


Ruffled Clothes

Ruffle is just like wavy hair. Both of them are romantic, dreamy, and feminine.

Ruffled tops and dresses are not only decent everyday wear but also very suitable for you to wear on a date.


6. Wear Feminine Shoes

What types of shoes can make you look more feminine? Have you ever thought about that?

I would say embellished shoes and shoes with ribbon or bow are most graceful and likely to be your dreamy feminine shoes.

It doesn’t matter they are flats, low heels, or high heels. Because all of them will make you look gorgeous as long as you match the outfit properly.


7. Wear Feminine Bags

These are the bags that can perfectly match your feminine outfit. Let me tell you why and how to choose a better bag…

  • Mini Bag:
    A small bag is definitely cuter than a bigger bag. And it’s important to choose a mini bag that can keep your necessities.
  • Round Bag:
    Usually, a round bag looks more feminine than a square bag. But it’s not necessary to find a bag that is as round as a circle. Instead, you can look feminine effortlessly if you choose a bag with round edges.
  • Chain Bag:
    If the strap is made of chain instead of leather, the bag will look more delicate than others. I recommend you choose a bag with a thin chain rather than a thick chain.
  • Bag with Thin Strap:
    Thin strap is more feminine than a thick strap for sure no matter it’s chain or leather. It’s like clothes and heels, clothes with spaghetti straps and strappy heels are tend to look womanlier and sexier.
  • Bag with Gold Parts:
    A bag’s parts are just like women’s gold jewelry. They make the bag classy and beautiful. It’s better to choose a bag with gold parts rather than other colors because gold is a relatively feminine color in metal materials. If you find a bag whose parts are gold and round, that could be one of your best feminine bags!

8. Wear Feminine Jewelry

Feminine jewelry seems not necessary but instead, it is as important as other things I talked about in this post. It will not only complete your feminine outfit perfectly but also make you extra attractive.

So what kind of jewelry is feminine jewelry?

  • Any Delicate Jewelry:
    Any jewelry with a thin chain and tiny pendant could be considered delicate jewelry no matter it is a necklace, bracelet, or dangle earrings.
  • Flower, Butterfly, Heart Shaped, or Pearl Jewelry:
    They are either the symbol of females or highly related to females.
  • Gold or Rose Gold Jewelry:
    Warm color jewelry is more feminine than cold color jewelry, which means it’s better to choose gold rather than silver. Also, rose gold is a pinkish material so it looks feminine too.

Those are my best tips for how to be more feminine. It’s not difficult as long as you take the first step and I believe you will enjoy the process while you are changing.

Leave a comment and let me know which tip is your favorite and why you like it. I will be so happy to hear it! Also, I will appreciate you so much if you share with me other tips that are not in this post.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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