25 Must-have Boho Wardrobe Essentials that Take Your Boho Outfits To The Next Level

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Wanna wear perfect boho outfits? All you need to do is have the boho wardrobe essentials and be creative with them!

In this post, I will show you the most fashionable and popular boho wardrobe essentials which can make you the most stylish boho girl effortlessly.

Alright, let’s check them out!

Boho Wardrobe Essentials

Strapless Crop Top or Halter Wrap Top

Strapless crop tops and halter wrap tops are the sexiest types of tops in the boho wardrobe essentials. In other words, if you want to look sexy and alluring in your boho outfits, these tops are indispensable. I recommend getting a solid (no print and no pattern) strapless crop top or halter wrap top so that it matches well with other clothes.


Crochet Top

Crochet tops are nice substitutes for strapless crop tops and halter wrap tops especially when you’re tired of wearing the same tops again and again. A good thing about crochet tops is that they have a lot of variations. That means you can find and wear hundreds of different types of crochet tops.


Printed Off Shoulder Top

Showing shoulders seems wild and free which somehow matches the concept of boho fashion. Choosing the right off-shoulder top is important. Choose a bohemian style off-shoulder top instead of a feminine and romantic style off-shoulder top. Usually, a printed one has more bohemian vibes than a solid one.


Embroidered Tunic or Blouse

Embroidered tunic or blouse is an item that is good for beginners to start with. In other words, anyone can wear it right away without feeling awkward. It is very casual and good to wear every day. If the tunic or blouse is white, it will match any type of denim item perfectly such as jeans, denim shorts, and denim skirts.


Bell Sleeve Top

Boho fashion features loose-fit clothes and bell-sleeve tops are perfect long-sleeve tops for boho fashion. Bell sleeve tops can not only make you look more attractive as a woman but also easily catch people’s eyes.


Graphic T-shirt or Tank Top

The most casual and easy way to wear a bohemian style outfit is to wear a T-shirt or a tank top with boho graphics. (Usually, graphic tops can make you look cuter.) Simply pair it with a pair of denim shorts, maybe a kimono or a fringed vest. And your outfit is done!


Denim Shorts

Although denim shorts are common fashion items, that doesn’t mean they are less important than any other boho wardrobe essentials. In fact, they are not only good to match with any type of clothes but also can make your boho outfit a lot chicer instead of messing it up.


Printed Wide-leg Pants or Flared Pants

When it comes to bohemian pants, printed wide-leg pants and printed flared pants are the first things that came to my mind. As I said earlier, bohemian fashion features loose-fit clothes. So loose-fit pants are certainly suitable for bohemian fashion instead of something tight like skinny pants or leggings.


Tiered Long Skirt

The tiered long skirts we see gypsy women wearing in the movies are the perfect skirts for boho fashion. Because if you do a little bit of research, you will realize Bohemian has something to do with Gypsy. If you wear this type of skirt with a strapless crop top or halter wrap top which I mentioned above, I’m sure you will be as alluring as the gypsy women.


Boho Dress

Having at least one bohemian style dress is necessary. And here is the tip for choosing the best boho dresses:

  • Choose a Maxi Dress
  • Choose a Flowy Dress
  • Choose a Printed Dress
  • Choose a Ruffled Dress

If you find a dress that has these traits, that dress is very likely the bohemian style dress.

Also, if you only want one dress in your wardrobe and couldn’t determine which dress it is, I highly recommend a V-neck Backless Printed Maxi Dress (for spring/summer). It’s the perfect dress to wear on your day off, go to the beach, or travel. It not only makes you in a vacation mood immediately but also makes you look extremely attractive.


Tie-dye Dress

If you want more than one dress in your boho wardrobe, a tie-dye dress is a good option for you. Tie-dye dresses are quite eye-catching because of their unique look. You can choose a tie-dye dress with special color to make your boho outfit more colorful.


Kaftan Dress

Kaftan dress is another option. Generally, kaftan dresses are maxi dresses and have longer sleeves. It can protect your body from the sunlight. Besides, kaftan dresses have exotic vibes.



Some people may think vests are unnecessary, but actually, vests play quite an important role, especially in boho fashion. A boho style vest like a crochet vest, leather vest, and fringed vest is so stylish that there is a huge difference between the outfit with and without it. When you wear a fancy vest like that, I recommend you match simpler clothes so that they make a good balance.



Ponchos are nice to wear in cold weather because they are typically made of thick fabric like wool. You can also find some ponchos made of cotton or other fabrics which are lighter.

A poncho not only can make your entire look cuter because of its shape but also let your outfit have a natural and ethnic vibe since it is the traditional clothes of Latin American countries.


Printed Kimono

Printed kimono is one of my favorite items in the boho wardrobe essentials. It is lightweight, loose, comfortable, convenient, and last but not least, it’s very fashionable.

Here is a secret, you don’t have to think too much about what to wear to match your kimono. Basically, no matter what you wear with your kimono, you will look good. But please don’t wear a bell sleeve top or a kaftan dress with your kimono. It will be a weird outfit because they are too similar. (Just wear them separately.)


Fringed Jacket

If you have seen a fringed jacket in person, you will know how cool it is. Imagine you’re wearing a fringed jacket and people just can’t ignore your outfit. That’s the power of a fringed jacket. If you’re a person who enjoys people’s attention, you definitely need to get one!


Boho Denim Jacket

Boho denim jacket is a casual item you can wear daily and it’s cuter than the regular denim jacket. It is nice to have a denim jacket that has a unique pattern at the back because it makes people say “Wow” when you turn around. I’m sure it will make you feel good.


Patchwork Clothes

Patchwork made me think of artists, free spirits, hippies, rovers, etc. And I’m sure a lot of people think the same way as I did. Because of that, it is not weird at all that patchwork clothes are one of the boho wardrobe essentials. It doesn’t matter if it’s a patchwork skirt, pants, dress, jacket, or something else. Whatever it is, it will make you look fashionable in your boho outfit.


Fedora Hat

Fedora hat is an iconic hat in boho fashion. If you don’t have a fedora hat in your wardrobe, don’t tell me you’re a bohemian fashion lover. It will make you look wild like a cowgirl and at the same time, you will look super chic.



Shawls and scarves (which I will mention later) are nice accessories that can keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

The good thing about a shawl is that it has multiple ways to wear it. You can wear it over the shoulders, and wrap it around like a poncho or a scarf.

I recommend buying shawls with special patterns (especially the ones that have boho vibes) instead of boring ones. Other than that, there are options like crochet shawls or fringed shawls.



Scarves are kind of similar to shawls but they are lighter and easier to carry. Actually, if you get a scarf that has longer width and length and is also made of thin fabric like voile, you can wear it like a scarf or a shawl depending on the way you wear it. (If you feel cold easily or you live in an area that often has cold weather, it will be better to get one with thick fabric.) Then, you don’t need to have both a scarf and a shawl at the same time. Not a bad idea, isn’t it?


Boho Jewelry

If you don’t have any boho jewelry, your boho outfits will never be completed. That’s how important boho jewelry is.

Contrary to minimalism, it is ok to wear as much boho jewelry as you want.

If you wonder what types of jewelry are boho jewelry, here are some examples:

  • Beaded jewelry
  • Leather jewelry
  • Fringe earrings
  • Layered necklace
  • Jewelry made of gemstones
  • Moon and star inspired jewelry
  • Macramé bracelets and earrings
  • Dangle earrings with unique patterns

If you’re interested in boho jewelry, you can find more here:

Boho Bag

It would be awkward if the bag you’re carrying doesn’t match your boho outfit. Alright, then what type of bag will match my boho outfit well? Let’s find something casual, retro, natural, unique, or maybe something that drapes beautifully. A crochet bag, rattan bag, or leather bag with embellishments will be nice. Also, let’s avoid something formal, modest, or ladylike.


Cowgirl Boots

Boots are classic shoes in boho fashion. And among all the different types of boots, I think cowgirl boots (also known as western boots) are fit for the boho wardrobe essentials the most. They are good for wearing in the wild. And usually, the people who wear them are wild too.

And you know what? There are quite a lot of cowgirl boots with new designs which look much cooler than the old-fashioned ones. Perhaps wearing a pair of trendy cowgirl boots can make you a fashionista instead of a frump.



I totally understand that sometimes it’s too hot to wear boots. That’s why we need sandals to deal with hot weather. I recommend greek sandals or lace-up sandals, especially the ones with natural leather color. I guarantee these sandals will match well with the boho wardrobe essentials I mentioned here and many other bohemian clothes.


Those are the best boho wardrobe essentials that I want to recommend to you. Hope this post can inspire you to create your own boho outfits!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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