Where to Buy Boho Clothes? 19 Best Bohemian Clothing Boutiques & Bohemian Fashion Online Stores

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bohemian fashion online store

Wonder where to buy boho clothes online?

In this post, I will show you the best bohemian clothing boutiques and bohemian fashion online stores with top reviews where you can find pretty and quality boho outfits.

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Alright, let’s check out the best bohemian clothing boutiques and bohemian fashion online stores!

Best Bohemian Clothing Boutiques & Bohemian Fashion Online Stores



  • This is a fashion brand every boho girl should know about.
  • Rather than typical boho clothes, I think the biggest feature of this fashion brand is the mixture of bohemian style and modern elements. In other words, their clothes express free spirit (which is the core of bohemian fashion) in a modern way very well.
  • Some items are so fashionably unique that you can hardly find something similar at other clothing stores.
  • I would like to recommend this brand to boho girls who want something special and who want to express their individuality freely and stylishly.

Nature Spirit Designs

  • Their clothes are nature-inspired and pixie-like, which are absolutely one-of-a-kind.
  • Highly recommend wearing their clothes at the beach or when you do your exercise.
  • Besides, if you match them properly, you will still look cute in the city.

Chintamani Alchemi

  • You will feel comfortable when you wear their clothes since most of them are made of cotton and linen.
  • You will see a lot of clothes, even boots with a fringe design which is a classic element of boho fashion.
  • I love their clothes in off-white colors. They are natural, stylish, and easy to pair with. (By the way, they have other colors too.)

Thaluta Boho Wear

  • They feature loose-fit clothes with beautiful drapes, which means you will be comfy and stunning when you wear them.
  • Whenever you wanna relax or feel the vacation mood, it’s a great time to wear their clothes. Maybe you will feel like you are traveling in another country!
  • This store donates 10% of each order to help the street cats in Thailand. It is so inspiring and heartwarming!

Boho Jungl

  • This is literally the best place to look for a fashionable boho graphic top!
  • Most of the tops are tank tops, which I think it’s perfect to wear at outdoor festivals in summer. You will also see a few regular t-shirts, crop tops, and long sleeve t-shirts.
  • They have a variety of quality graphic designs for you to choose from, and I believe you will find the one that you like.

Gardenbelle Designs

  • This is a great place to get hippie style boho clothes which are perfect to wear at festivals!
  • You will see different types of boho clothes including crochet tops, bell sleeve tops, flowy printed dresses and skirts, printed bell-bottom pants, printed t-shirts, tie-dyed clothes, patchwork clothes, and so on.
  • I love that they use a lot of bright yellowish, orangish, and earthy colors which fit the boho style very well and also symbolize happiness.
  • By the way, their boho scrunchies and bandanas are super cute! I really hope you check them out!

Gypsy Tale

  • This is the chicest boho clothing store I have ever seen!
  • When I see the pictures from this store, they remind me of Esmeralda who is very attractive in the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame. If she lives in reality today, I think the clothes from this store fit her perfectly.
  • Their clothes are so stylish that I believe they can boost your confidence in your fashion. If you are already a confident woman, you will LOVE those clothes!
  • You can find chic, casual, sexy, feminine, and even festival clothes in this store.


  • They offer a wide range of kimonos including mini, midi, and maxi kimonos with different patterns.
  • You will look great when you pair the kimono with basic tops, shorts, jeans, and even bikinis.
  • To give you a tip, it is better not to wear kimonos with dresses or skirts because that may be a little bit too much.

Numa Girls

  • Even though this store is not exclusively for boho fashion, you can still find some boho style clothes, especially dresses.
  • Their clothes are cute and feminine. It’s easy to create a lovely boho look.
  • When you browse the store, you can also get some affordable clothes for your everyday outfits.

Taoba Impuls

  • Poncho is also one of the classic items of boho fashion, and I highly recommend the one from this store.
  • Their ponchos are cute and stylish. Plus, most of the customers are content with the ponchos they bought!
  • Also, some of their accessories are really unique and cool. Good to take a look.


  • Among all the different types of dresses and other items they have, I recommend their maxi dresses the most, which are very unique and beautiful.
  • If you choose a backless maxi dress with a brilliant pattern, that will make you shine the whole summer!
  • Good to wear at a beach, on a vacation, or even for a photoshoot.

Miss Kitsch Store

  • This store has many different types of printed boho clothes including dresses, jumpsuits, and kaftans which are great resort wear.
  • If you are a printed maxi dress lover, you will love this store since they have a lot of boho maxi dresses.
  • I love their v-neck maxi halter dresses, they are just so sexy and beautiful.

De Chom

  • This store literally made me fall in love with tie-dye clothing. Their products are SO pretty!
  • You can find the best hand tie-dye robes, long kimonos, maxi dresses, kaftans, pants, and bags here.
  • While they have dark and neutral color tie-dye products (gray, black, beige), they also have several light and vivid color products (peach pink, hot pink, red, orange, yellow, blue, green, mint, lavender, fuchsia) and they look AMAZING!

Cinnamon Village


AYA Sacred Wear

  • If you ever had a dream that want to dress like or look like a goddess, this is the place that can make your dream come true.
  • They have so many bohemian style and greek style goddess dresses. Each of them is slightly different yet genuinely beautiful.
  • If you love their dresses, you will love their other bohemian clothing too! Check out their tops, skirts, jackets, cardigans, kimonos, jumpsuits, shawls, and more!

Mediterranean Style Co

  • In this store, you will see lots of ruffled and printed maxi bohemian dresses. Imagine your dress flows when the wind blows… How gorgeous!
  • If you think something is missing in your boho outfits, you definitely need to check out their raffia belts! They are gonna fit most boho outfits.
  • Besides the raffia belts, they also have cute and unique bohemian handbags and clutch bags.


  • There are many summer bohemian clothes including v-neck dresses, backless dresses, halter dresses, wide-leg pants, mini skirts, etc.
  • When the weather gets cold, you can wear their floral bomber jacket which is kind of cute.
  • It will be nice to match their unique boho earrings and pendants to complete your boho outfit.


  • This is the store where you can find beautiful, artistic, and one-of-a-kind printed shawls and scarves.
  • They also have some graphic tank tops and t-shirts which you may be interested in.
  • If you like their artwork, it can be a nice gift for your family and friends and a great chance to support the creators!

Boutique JJCo

  • If you are a scarf lover, this store is exclusively for you.
  • You can also use the scarf as a hair accessory which will definitely take your boho outfit to another level.
  • They also have some cute fringe earrings with many different colors, which can match your boho outfit too!

Those are the best bohemian clothing boutiques and bohemian fashion online stores that I want to recommend to you. Hope you find your favorite boho outfits and enjoy your shopping!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.


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