Venice Beach | Little Venice in Los Angeles

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The Reason you should go to Venice Beach

If I tell you there are canals in Los Angeles just like Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, will you believe it? The thing is, there truly is. I believe that is the main reason the place that I went called Venice Beach.

Venice Beach

I’ve never been to Italy, not even Europe. So I was attracted by the fact that there are canals in LA, I feel like I need to go check it out. In this post, I am going to show you Venice Canals and some hot spots in Venice Beach. You might want to fly to Venice Beach right after finish reading this post because the place is just so fascinating. 😉

Lunch at Bru’s Wiffle Marina Del Rey

Before going to Venice Beach I was looking for a restaurant to have a nice meal. I got off the bus around Marina Del Rey which is an area close to Venice Beach. The restaurant I found is called Bru’s Wiffle Marina Del Rey, it serves various food and it is said that the Chicken and Waffles here is popular. Space didn’t seem big but it was a decent place with a nice interior and atmosphere.

IMG 4296

I ordered Green Salsa Chicken & Waffle because it sounds interesting and I would like to try. I had no idea of what it looks like at all because you know…the menu in the US (and most western countries I guess) usually doesn’t have pictures of the food. When it was served, I was like…WOW…so GREEN…😂 And the taste…to be honest, it was so so. I think I chose the wrong menu, it’s just not my cup of tea. If I have a chance to visit this restaurant again, I would like to have Avocado Fries, I am so regretting why I didn’t order that because I am such an avocado lover!😭

Bru’s Wiffle Marina Del Rey Directions

Guess where it is!? Can you believe that this is the restroom of the restaurant? Yellow based bright space with cute decorations…How lovely it is! It feels really easeful and I just can’t help taking a picture.

By the way, if you are curious about my OOTD…

Outfit of the Day & Fashion Tips

I matched the leopard print mini bag to this solid dress so that the outfit won’t look so boring. And the color of the heels goes with the color of the bag.

IMG 4279

This navy knit dress has a unique construction. The sashes are a part of the dress, I can tie them up to make the dress fit my body and show the shape of my waist, that’s why I like this dress. Solid color with the unique design, which is the point of this dress, makes a good balance.

Navy color has an impression of Calmness and Intellectuality. So if you wear formal clothes in navy color like a dress, blouse, pencil skirt, etc. Then you will look like a Mature, Clever, Classy, and Sophisticated Lady. It’s also good to wear for the job interview!

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If you are wondering where did I get this navy dress…I got this from the fashion company where I did my internship as an assistant fashion designer. This dress was just a sample but I was lucky to have a chance to have it (for free!!). Here are some similar items I selected, if you are interested, don’t hesitate to click it to see the details!


Walking along the Venice Canals

After finishing the meal at Marina Del Rey, you can walk to Venice Canals in 20 minutes. With the sunlight and nice sea breeze, believe me, it’s gonna be a pleasant 20 minutes. Also, you might see a great ocean view of Marina Del Rey on the way!

Venice Beach

Here we are, the Venice Canals. It just looks like the mini version of Grand Canal in Venice, Italy! (I mean, isn’t it so cute?) Comparing to the Grand Canal, it might seem nothing, but you know what? What makes this place enchanting is that it’s not as crowd as the world-famous tourist attractionGrand Canal. Therefore, You can enjoy this place peacefully. (Did you notice? Zoom in on the picture and take a look. There is a pair of ducks standing on the Gondola, how cute! 😍)

Venice Beach

It seems that it’s able to paddle a Gondola by yourself. It can be an option if you come here with your friends, family or lover by any chance.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach

The reflection of the clear sky and colorful houses in the canal makes the place dreamy. It doesn’t look like the real world! (It is said that those houses still have people live in.)

IMG 4294

Also, there is a tiny park in the Venice Canals area called Linnie Canal Park. In this park, there is a playground for kids. I saw a daddy having fun with his kid there. Next to the playground, you can see a flock of ducks closely.

Venice Canals Directions

Venice Beach Boardwalk, Muscle Beach and Venice Skate Park

When we are getting close to Venice Beach, we can see the iconic Venice sign and some Public Art.

Venice Beach
Venice Beach

This is the Entrance of the Venice Beach. Now we are at the Venice Beach Boardwalk, a place full of People, Arts, Stores, Street Foods, and More!

Venice Beach
Venice Beach

Muscle Beach is where people can do the workout, in brief, it’s an outdoor gym. There are various types of workout equipment you can try. All the people here look energetic, it is a place that you can get motivation and good vibes.

When it comes to LA, California, what comes to your mind? For me, I would like to say…Sunshine, Beach, and Skateboard!!! (duh~) I’ve been jealous of the people who are good at skateboarding. Not only because they look cool but also because skateboarding looks fun too.

When I see those PROs skateboarding, I just can’t stop watching. It’s just so entertaining as an audience. Besides, you can never find a skate park like Venice Skate Park right next to the beach with such beautiful scenery.

I took a picture of this guy…actually the guy was a grandpa!!! This grandpa seems to enjoy skateboarding a lot. And look at his FASHION, a little bit fancy but it looks just PERFECT as a skateboarder. I respect him for living Young, Wild and Free. Wish I could be like him when I become a grandma. 👵🏻

Venice Beach Directions

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.♥️

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