27 Types of Jeans that Make You Look Gorgeous

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Everybody knows jeans are one of the bottom items in clothing, just like other pants and skirts. But you know what? Jeans are so classic that there are so many different types of jeans.

In this post, I will introduce all the types of jeans that I know, and they will be categorized according to silhouette, rise, design, length, and color. Plus some fashion tips about those jeans.

I wish you can find the jeans that you want and also try to wear the jeans that you haven’t worn before. Trust me, it’s gonna be so fun!

Types of Jeans according to Silhouette

Skinny Jeans


Skinny Jeans are very tight that the fabric is nearly touching the skin. It might sound uncomfortable but thankfully, a lot of skinny jeans are made of stretchy fabrics. So people can stay stylish and comfy at the same time. Skinny Jeans are one of the most popular fashion items. They were the hottest around the 2010s and until now, they are still in style.

When you wear skinny jeans, it shows your legs’ silhouette barely. If you are confident about your body, then you will look great undoubtedly. But if you’re not, then you can try wide-leg jeans or less tight jeans.

Cigarette Jeans


Cigarette Jeans are slim straight jeans whose shape is like a cigarette. It can be confused with skinny jeans, but the difference is there is some space between the cigarette jeans and skin, and skinny jeans barely have space.

Straight Jeans


Straight Jeans are the wider version of cigarette jeans. Simply, it is just the regular jeans. It is the most basic jeans that everybody can wear casually. I would say it is not as stylish as other types of jeans but is a classic one. Great jeans for beginners!

Mom Jeans


High-waisted with a loose fit (sometimes it has a tapered silhouette) is the typical look of mom jeans. They are retro fashion items, which means they were popular in the 80s-90s, and now they are back! If you want comfortable basic jeans, these might be the ones for you.

Bootcut Jeans


Also called Bootleg Jeans. The over-knee part is tight, and below the knee, it is slightly flared. It is said that the design is to feel comfortable when wearing the boots.

These jeans have a beautiful curved line that makes your legs look slim, sexy, and stylish. I strongly recommend matching it with pointed toe high heel pumps because if so you’re gonna look much higher.

Flared Jeans


Also known as Bell Bottom Jeans. Pretty much have the same shape as Bootcut Jeans but the bottom flared part is more exaggerated. It is the iconic jeans in the 70s.

Wide leg Jeans


Wide-leg jeans are the most comfortable jeans because they are not tight at all, they have so much space instead.

Baggy Jeans are a kind of wide-leg jeans. Its length is longer than the regular length, so when someone wears baggy jeans, there are some folds near the bottom. That is the 90s classic jeans.

The great thing about wide-leg Jeans is that it doesn’t show the body line. If you wanna hide your body and get comfy, these can be your daily jeans!

Types of Jeans according to Rise

High Rise Jeans


If the jeans cover your navel, then they are basically high-rise jeans. You might be more familiar with High Waisted Jeans. (They are the same)

The best thing about this type of jeans is that they can make your legs look longer and make you look taller.

Here is the trick to look way taller: Wear a pair of high-waisted jeans, tuck in the top (whether it’s a t-shirt or shirt/blouse) and wear a pair of high heels, then you’re gonna look like a supermodel.

Mid Rise Jeans


Apparently, mid-rise jeans are the one between high-rise jeans and low-rise jeans. It will be easier for you to just think that it is regular jeans.

Low Rise Jeans


Low-rise jeans are sexy denim items. It’s a great chance to show your beautiful waist and cute navel by wearing this type of jeans. Usually, people will wear a crop top with low-rise jeans to make a sexy and chic look.

Types of Jeans according to Design

Ripped Jeans


The other names are Distressed Jeans and Destroyed Jeans. One of the iconic and recognizable jeans. It is the symbol of being young, casual, and not being conservative. Because of its design, it looks less boring than regular jeans. All you need to wear with these jeans is a basic t-shirt and that way you will look fashionable enough.

Cuffed Jeans


Cuff as a noun is the rectangle part at the end of the sleeves or pants. As a verb, it means making cuffs. Obviously, cuffed jeans have these rectangle parts and usually, they are folded and fixed. The contrast of cuffed and uncuffed parts makes this type of jeans more unique.

If you want to, you can cuff your jeans by yourself. For example, if the jeans you have are too long, just cuff them and it will no longer be a problem to wear over-length jeans.

Sometimes you can make the bottom tighter or shorten your regular-length jeans by cuffing to show a little bit of skin between jeans and your shoes. In that way, it may look more fashionable.

Cuffing it is easy but cuffing it stylishly needs a few technics. If you wanna skip it, then you better get a pair of cuffed jeans!

Boyfriend Jeans


Boyfriend jeans are the jeans that you borrow (or steal) from your boyfriend. That’s why they have a loose fit and a boyish look. Sometimes they have cuffs at the bottom depending on the jeans. It’s easy to have a casual and effortless look by wearing these.

Types of Jeans according to Length

Hot Pants


Hot pants are extremely short pants, even shorter than regular shorts. Wearing hot pants shows almost the whole legs, which means the legs will look longer. It looks sexy undoubtedly, but meanwhile, it might be a little bit uncomfortable because these pants are very tight and also easy to expose the underwear. The good thing is you can wear hot pants as safety pants under dresses or long shirts.

Denim Shorts


Denim shorts are cute and sexy. They are must-have daily summer items!!! You can create so many different outfits with only one pair of basic denim shorts for the whole summer. Sounds like a good value, doesn’t it?

Bermuda Jeans


Bermuda Jeans are longer than regular shorts but still above the knees. They are not only nice daily shorts but also perfect vacation shorts. You can feel the vacation mood by just wearing this type of jeans!

Capri Jeans


Capri Jeans are the type of jeans that can cover your knees. Most Capri Jeans are tight so that the one who wears them will look slim and beautiful. They are nice summer pants and you can call them Capris as well.

Cropped Jeans


The length of cropped jeans is around mid-calf which is slightly longer than Capri jeans and shorter than ankle jeans. Cropped jeans are not as stuffy as full-length jeans, instead, they are cute and stylish.

Ankle Jeans


Ankle jeans are a little bit shorter than full-length jeans which show your ankles. I recommend wearing sneakers or heeled sandals with this type of jeans so that you can make a casual, trendy, chic look.

Types of Jeans according to Color

Blue Jeans


When it comes to jeans or denim, people always think blue first. That is one of the iconic features of jeans and denim. In so many different types of jeans, the most classic color is blue without a doubt. And you can see different blue on different jeans such as light, medium, and dark blue.

Black & White Jeans


The second classic color will be black and white. The good thing about these colors is they are never out of style and so easy to match with any clothes.

Colored Jeans


Sometimes you can see jeans with special colors like pink, purple, green, neon, etc. They are cute, young, and fresh.

Bleached Jeans


This is the type of jeans that has pale blue(sometimes pure white) and regular blue. The contrast of the colors makes these jeans special and cool.

Tie Dye Jeans


Tie-dye jeans are like retro jeans. It means it goes popular once in a while and will be popular again. The irregular pattern makes this type of jeans one-of-a-kind.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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