14 Trendy Tops for Women that Make You A True Fashionista

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Wearing the right top really can change the way you look.

You can either wear a random t-shirt to look normal or wear the trendy tops for women that wow everyone around you.

Since you’re reading this post, I assume you’re the person who wanna get better with your fashion and look attractive.

So, let me help you find “the right top”, give you some useful styling tips, and let people can’t take their eyes off you!

14 Trendy Tops for Women


It could be a little bit uncomfortable to wear it because it is tight and some parts of the bustier are hard compared to other soft fabrics. But this is all for making your body in a good shape.

This cute little thing can make your breasts beautiful and desirable, which means you will be more confident about your breasts when you wear a bustier.


Styling Tip for Bustier

Pair it with fitted jeans or solid pants, that way you will look sexy and slim! You can also wear some sexy heels if you wanna attract guys.


If you wanna wear something more comfortable rather than a bustier, a bralette (especially the kitted one) is highly recommended!

Basically, you don’t need to wear a bra under the bralette. You can just wear a bralette and go out. (It doesn’t look awkward at all!) It’s very comfortable and easy to match. That’s why I love it.

Imagine you can feel comfy all day long no matter you’re at home, at work, or maybe when you do your exercise. Isn’t it feel like heaven (as a woman)?


Styling Tip for Bralette

Pair it with a cardigan if you wanna have an effortless style (or when you feel lazy haha). Or you can match a blazer to look chic.

Crop Top

I would say crop top is one of the most popular fashion items for women in modern times.

You can see there are thousands of different types of crop tops selling at hundreds (or thousands) of fashion brands and online/offline stores.

That means, wearing a crop top will not only make you look stylish but also hardly ruin your outfit. Crop tops are not expensive so it is quite a decent investment.


Styling Tip for Crop Top

Pair it with jeans to look casual, and pair it with a skirt if you wanna look cute.

Corset Top

To be honest, there are so many girls wearing corset tops that are not quite refined. Some of the corset tops emphasize the body too much, some of them look cheap…

But you know what? Wearing a corset top can be classy, especially when you wear the one with a vintage style.

I think that is the way to make a difference between you and those girls and stand out in the crowd.


Styling Tip for Corset Top

Pair it with a midi or maxi flared skirt to have an elegant style. Let yourself become the princess or queen that all the people admire!

Cutout Top

I love the cutout top because it doesn’t show your body too much but it somehow looks sexier than other clothes. Isn’t it entrancing?

Let me tell you a secret, black is the perfect color for a cutout top. Because it is one of the sexiest colors and it accentuates the design of the cutout top. Seriously, this is a great chance to flaunt your taste in fashion!


Styling Tip for Cutout Top

Pair it with basic bottoms such as denim shorts, jeans, slacks, etc. If you wanna look chicer, I recommend matching the pants rather than shorts. Most importantly, let the cutout top be the highlight of your outfit!

Crochet Top

Crochet top is something you will obsess over if you are a free spirit or bohemian style lover. It is cute, warm, and unique. I mean, how can you resist?

I recommend the crochet top with neutral colors like ivory and beige so that you will not get tired of it easily and will wear it for a long time. (The longer you wear, the worthier the money you spent.) Plus, neutral color is super easy to match!


Styling Tip for Crochet Top

Pair it with a mini skirt or denim shorts, a crossbody bag, a pair of flat sandals, or sneakers. Your outfit is done! Go picnicking, strolling along the beach, looking around the marketplace, attending a music festival, and have some fun!

Rhinestone Top

This is for women who love night outs, parties, and social media. Literally, there is no top that can make you shine as the rhinestone top does.

I personally don’t like something too fancy, but this rhinestone top is so flattering that it completely changed my mind. The great balance of shine and minimal design is what made this rhinestone top amazing.


Styling Tip for Rhinestone Top

Pair it with black straight pants, a black blazer or black leather jacket, a crystal bag, sexy heels, and some silver shining accessories to match the color of the rhinestone top. Last but not least, enjoy being in the spotlight!

Halter Wrap Top

The reason I recommend the halter wrap top is not only because it is trendy but also because it is versatile. While most of the clothes can only wear in one way, a halter wrap top can wear in many different ways.

Except for the halter top, you can also make it a one-shoulder top, strapless top, tie-front top, tie-back top, and more depending on how you tie it up. No wonder women are crazy for this top!


Styling Tip for Halter Wrap Top

Pair it with a flowy maxi skirt and sandals to look more feminine. If you wanna look chic, just match a pair of wide-leg pants and high heels. In addition, you can wear some hoop earrings or dangle earrings, matching bracelets and rings to look more attractive.

See-through Top

There are a lot of types of see-through tops made of different fabrics such as mesh, lace, chiffon, organza, and so on. Some of them are sexy, some of them are elegant, some of them are even ethereal.

Because of its quality, a see-through top attracts more attention in an understated way, which is why it is so fascinating.


Styling Tip for See-through Top

Pair it with the same or similar color/color tone underwear (most important!), pencil skirt or solid pants. And you can easily look more mature if you match a clutch bag or shoulder bag.

Choker Neck Top

The way it looks like you are wearing a choker necklace already made a huge difference from other tops.

Wearing a choker neck top not only lets people focus their eyes on your neckline and your face but also shows that you are quite a fashionista!

Black choker neck top is a classic but if you think solid black is a little bit boring, you can choose the one with glossy fabrics like satin or velvet to look different.


Styling Tip for Choker Neck Top

There are 3 outfit ideas that make you look modern:

1. Pair it with bootcut jeans and heeled black booties.

2. Pair it with a mini skirt and long boots.

3. Pair it with solid wide-leg pants and pointed toe heels.

Lantern Sleeve Top

If you get tired of a normal white blouse, you can simply switch to the white blouse with lantern sleeves which will make you look classier for sure.

Even though the sleeves are exaggerated, they have a great balance with the solid white blouse. Plus, it kind of has a vintage style that still looks fashionable in modern times.


Styling Tip for Lantern Sleeve Top

Pair a white lantern sleeve blouse with jeans (more casual) or a midi pencil skirt (more formal). A clutch bag or handbag will be better than a shoulder bag (because of the bulky sleeves).

Contrast Stitch Top

Most of the contrast stitch tops have minimalist style because the designer removed other details and let the design focus on the contrast stitches which make the top sportier and more dynamic than other tops.

That means this top is perfect for those who love minimalist style and casual streetwear. If you are that type of person, this could be your new favorite everyday top.


Styling Tip for Contrast Stitch Top

Try an all black or black and white outfit with the contrast stitch top. When you walk on the street, you will realize you’re the coolest person in the crowd!

Off The Shoulder Top

Even though I already talked about clothes with off-the-shoulder design so many times on my blog, I’m still gonna mention it again (also in the future) because it is too important to ignore!

Off-the-shoulder top really is something that can enhance your femininity and elegance, sometimes sexiness depending on how you wear the outfit.

The great thing is, while the style of an off-the-shoulder dress is pretty much fixed, you can try more styles with the off-the-shoulder top. What a great one to invest in!


Styling Tip for Off The Shoulder Top

Pair it with a mini skirt to look cute, midi or maxi skirt to look more ladylike. You can also have casual style by pairing it with jeans, a crossbody bag, and canvas sneakers!

Sweetheart Neckline Long Sleeve Knit Top

I know it may sound like I’m exaggerating but as a sincere fashion lover, I do wanna say the curve at the neckline is like an art. And the contrast between the top and the skin makes the person who wears this top more desirable.

I think this is not only a nice everyday top but also a wonderful top for a date. It’s a good chance to let men or the man you like fall for you.


Styling Tip for Sweetheart Neckline Long Sleeve Knit Top

Pair it with skinny jeans if you wanna look extremely sexy. (Other types of jeans and pants are fine too) Your neckline may look a little bit empty when you wear this top, so I recommend you wear a necklace.

Those are the trendy tops for women that I highly recommend to you.

If you haven’t worn them before, it’s a great chance to try. And you know what? Trying new things is always the best way to improve your fashion sense. (That’s how I did!)

If you wanna learn more about fashion, check out the posts below and there are more to see in my blog!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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