Local’s Favorite Authentic Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan

I was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and it’s a waste not to share my favorite Taiwanese Breakfast. I am going to introduce one of the most famous Taiwanese Breakfast diners in the town: Shi Jie Soymilk King (世界豆漿大王), which has over 60 years of history, including Must Try food there and some interesting facts about this place. When you have a chance to visit Taipei in Taiwan, come here and enjoy the BEST Taiwanese Breakfast!

Facts about Shi Jie Soymilk King (世界豆漿大王)

Before I show you what kind of food they have, I think telling you the AMAZING Facts about this restaurant will attract your attention. Well, let’s see what they are!

  • Established in 1955. What a historic spot that has been over 60 years!!!
  • Open 24 hours. You can go having food whenever you want. I recommend going there for Breakfast or Late-night Supper since it was a Breakfast Spot in the first place.
  • It is so famous for Soy Milk that when most Taiwanese think of Yonghe (where the diner is), Soy Milk comes to their mind. A lot of similar breakfast spots selling soy milk, the store’s name was named after Yonghe Soy Milk.
  • It is said that the Former President of Taiwan, Former First Lady, Movie Stars, and other Celebrities had been visited here. You will see their signatures at the restaurant.

Authentic Taiwanese Breakfast You Need to TRY

Once you walk into the diner and take a seat, the first thing you need to do is order the food. This is the menu, you just need to write down how much of the food that you want and give it to the waiter/waitress, then your food will be served soon! Alright, let’s see what we got:

taiwanese breakfast
  • 冰豆花 | Soy Milk: As you can tell from the name of the restaurant, it is one of the signature dishes(drink) there! There is hot and cold soymilk you can choose from, I got the cold one.
  • 廣式蘿蔔糕 | Turnip Cake / Radish Cake
  • 牛肉餡餅 | Chinese Beef Pie
  • 蘿蔔絲蛋餅 | Chinese Omelette with Radish: This is the one that every time I come I will definitely order.
  • 小籠包 | Xiaolongbao / Soup Dumpling: This is classic of the classic in Chinese food.
taiwanese breakfast

By the way, the menu with the Star Mark ★ is the popular or recommended menu from the restaurant. If you don’t know what to order, you can always try the menu with the star or ask the waiter/waitress! Or you can just try random food, I believe most of the food there tastes great!

Where is Shi Jie Soymilk King & How do I get there?

Shi Jie Soymilk King is located in Yonghe, New Taipei City. It is very easy to get there since it is close to the metro station. All you need to do is get off at the Dingxi Station (Taipei Metro Orange Line) and walk for 2 minutes and you’ll arrive! (You can see the map below)

SHI JIE SOYMILK KING (世界豆漿大王) Directions ➼

Last but not least, I hope you enjoy the Authentic Taiwanese food, the vibes, and your stay in Taiwan!

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