12 Sexy Qipao Dresses that Make You Extra Alluring

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Are you looking for your perfect sexy qipao dresses to wear on your special day, to meet someone special, or even to attract the person you like?

This post is exclusively for a woman like you. In this post, I’ll show you some selected qipao dresses (cheongsam dresses) that will not only make you look extremely sexy but also very captivating, classy, and elegant.

Alright, let’s see how beautiful the dresses are!

Sexy Qipao Dresses / Cheongsam Dresses

Mini Qipao Dresses


This mini qipao dress somehow looks so sexy in my eyes. And I wonder if you feel the same way.

Apparently, it is sexy because it’s a bodycon mini dress and we can see a little bit of skin at the neckline. Meanwhile, the white color, the glossy fabric, the elegant pattern, and the cute sleeves make this dress look pure as well. It’s amazing that the sexiness and purity can be mixed so well in one dress.

Whether you want to attract guys or flaunt the taste of your fashion, this mini qipao dress will hardly fail.


This is a well-designed mini qipao dress.

There is a white heart at the center, which is really cute. If you look carefully, you will see the unnoticeable floral pattern on the white fabric. The embroidery makes the dress more colorful and more feminine.

The see-through part around the neckline and the waist, and the keyhole between the neck and breasts make the dress a lot sexier. And I don’t know if you notice or not, the blue edges are a very unique point.

While there are many details in one dress, they make great harmony. You will definitely wow the people when you wear this dress at a party or a special occasion.

Halter Qipao Dresses


This is a sexy halter qipao dress, but at the same time, it is elegant as well.

The classic black and white remind me of old black-and-white movies, maybe that’s why the dress somehow looks retro. I love that the dress is ivory (yellowish white) instead of pale white. That makes the dress softer and more refined.

The pattern is so simple yet fascinating. And the black curve from the neckline down to the slit is as charming as the wavy hair and makes the dress not so stiff.

It’s hard to notice but if you look closely, you will see small wrinkles all over the dress. It is the unique texture of the dress, and you may love it when you touch it.

Last but not least, it will be nice to pair the dress with pearl earrings to look more attractive!


What’s special about this dress is that it’s made of velvet, which is very rare for a qipao dress. The dress has no pattern on it, therefore people will be attracted by the texture of the velvet, which makes the dress look classy and stylish. It is a sexy evening dress that makes men can’t take their eyes off you.


This dress has a modern look with a retro pattern, which is very fascinating.

Also, the colors of the dress already tell you that it is a sexy qipao dress. “Red and Black” is not only a classic color combination but also the sexiest color combination. So whenever you want to look sexy, choosing “Red and Black” won’t be wrong!

I highly recommend you to see the video of the model wearing this dress, and you will realize the dress is way sexier than what you see in the picture.


Did you see the black floral pattern on the black dress? If I see a woman wearing this type of dress on the street, I will regard her as a woman who has good taste. Because the dress is not fancy and not exaggerated, it’s just very polished.

Besides, the white pearls at the neckline made a perfect contrast with the black dress, meanwhile, it attracts people’s attention.

This is a very classy and ladylike dress. If you want to be sexy understatedly, this is the dress for you.

Lace Qipao Dresses


The collarbone is one of the sexiest parts of a women’s body. When you wear this dress, people can see your collarbone through the lace. What an ingenious sexy qipao dress!

In addition, the ruffles at the edges made the dress cuter and more feminine. And the keyhole at the center makes the person who wears this dress striking.

And you know what? The dress looks even more beautiful when you look closer!


A very classic sexy qipao dress. The dress is so simple that the only highlight is the lace. But it plays a significant role in this dress.

The lace covers the shoulders and the back. (It is a backless dress but not fully open.) People can indirectly see your skin through the lace with the beautiful pattern, which is extremely alluring.

When somebody sees you wearing this dress, and then you turn around, the person will be so impressed by you and your dress. And when a guy sees you wearing this dress from the back, he will very likely want to get to know you. To sum up, when you wear this dress, you will look amazing from the front and back!


This qipao dress is traditional and modern simultaneously. The print is very vintage, and the lace made the dress more sophisticated. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look awkward at all. Instead, they blended perfectly. This one-of-a-kind sexy qipao dress really can set you apart from other women.

Other Sexy Qipao Dresses


Most bodycon dresses are sexy, but honestly, this is one of the sexiest bodycon dresses I have ever seen!

The combination of beige and black is fresh yet classy. Actually, the beige looks like nude color, maybe that’s one of the reasons the dress looks so sexy.

The pattern is the most important part. It makes the dress look like an artwork, just like an antique vase or a painting in an art museum.


I don’t know if you feel that or not, I just want to say the vibes this dress gave me are so sexy and polished.

You don’t need to try hard to be sexy, all you need to do is put on red lipstick to match this black sexy qipao dress. That’s it. Let the dress take care of the rest!

I highly recommend you to wear this dress on your date, anniversary, or when you meet someone special.


I chose this dress because it is (almost) solid black, minimal, and has a satiny look. It’s sexy enough but there’s more…

The patterns at the two sides of the waist are the highlight which not only makes the dress more unique but also can make you look slimmer as if you have an hourglass figure. That is a very clever design that is hard to find in other qipao dresses. When you wear this dress, you will feel more confident and more men will be attracted to you.

This dress is more casual (or less formal) than the dresses I mentioned above. That means you can wear this dress more often instead of only wearing it on special occasions. Maybe wear it when you meet your girlfriends or have a fun night out.

Qipao dress is one of the sexiest dresses for sure. And among all the sexy qipao dresses, those are the ones that look a lot classier, which is why I selected them for you. If you haven’t tried any qipao dress before, this is a great chance to wow people around you!

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Hope you find your ideal qipao dress and love the one you get!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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