Rock & Brews | A Meal Before Leaving LA

Rock & Brews

Look at the artistic ceiling of this huge space full of pop culture. Rock & Brews is a restaurant where you can enjoy food, alcohol, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Me, my boyfriend and his mom went to the restaurant because I was gonna leave the US soon and it was the last chance to have a meal together. It was very meaningful and we had a great time.🥰 The one we went to is in Buena Park, California. You can also find Rock & Brews in many different states, including Florida, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. There is even one in Mexico!!!🤩

Food, Art, and Music of Rock & Brews

Alright, let’s see what we had:😋

Rock & Brews

All the food is decent.👌 But one thing I will never forget is that the Sgt. Pepper’s Jalapeño Popper is the BEST Jalapeño Popper EVER. I would like to go back to the restaurant again for that. (Am I being too crazy?😂) Tips: Don’t miss the Happy Hour(Monday-Friday 3 pm-6 pm) menu if you have the chance!

IMG 8728

The point of my OOTD is Red & Black. Somehow the color of my outfit matches the restaurant. Maybe because Red & Black are the iconic colors of Rock ‘n’ Roll?🤘 I wore my favorite soft drink: Coca-Cola Printed T-Shirt which I got from the official Coca-Cola Store in Las Vegas, a Black Skirt, and last but not least, Red Lips.💋 Some similar items are here, click it to see the details if you are interested! 😉


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When I went to the restroom, I saw the King of Pop: Michael Jackson. I was happy because it’s an honor to see him.😬

IMG 8719

Oh, did you see the guitar🎸 with the neon light outside? Also, the & between Rock and Brews is replaced by Treble Clef, isn’t it so cool?

Rock & Brews

If you haven’t been here, next time bring your friends and enjoy the moment. You will love it as I did.😉

Rock & Brews, Buena Park Directions ➼


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