RÊVE Café | The REAL Reason that I went to Taichung

I didn’t mean to go to Shen Ji New Village in the first place. RÊVE Café was the REAL Reason I came to Taichung. At that time, I saw some menus on Instagram (or somewhere else) that caught my eyes immediately. I realized that if I want to taste, I need to go to Taichung. I asked my Taipei friend if she wants to come with me, she said yes without hesitation. ☺️ That’s how this trip began...

Wondering which menus I’m talking about? Here they are!

Double Layer Marble Cheese Cake (unofficial) | 大理石雙層起司蛋糕
Black Cocoa Latte | 大理石拿鐵

Are you a Big Fan of Marble? If the answer is positive, you should come to RÊVE Café. Me, I wouldn’t say I am a super big fan of Marble but…tell me which girl doesn’t like marble? 🤷 It’s one of the most classic, mysterious, and fascinating natural patterns in the world, isn’t it? Those menus above are inspired by Marble for sure. The second one, Black Cocoa Latte, is actually called Marble Latte in Chinese.

Oreo, Nutella & Chocolate Mochi Waffle | 極黑火山可可鬆餅

This is another menu that I wanted to try. It is called Volcano Waffle in Chinese, probably because the shape looks like a volcano right? This is exclusively served in central Taiwan which is where Taichung is located. I did order this one and you will see my review about this below. 😉

The Meal at RÊVE Café

Now we are at the entrance of RÊVE Café. You will see the iconic world map as soon as you step inside. I didn’t take many pictures of the interior but I can say the café has a large space with a high-end atmosphere that you won’t get disappointed and the nice meal for a reasonable price.

IMG 4400
IMG 4401

My bestie and I ordered risotto, waffle, drinks, and shared. Here is my review:

IMG 4402 1
  • Black Rice Risotto with Octopus(unofficial): Not the best but it was ok.
  • Black Cocoa Latte(Marble Latte): The taste was like an average latte. Milk and Coffee were served separately, you should pour the coffee into the milk by yourself so that you can see the beautiful marble-like gradation. The thing is, we took a video of the process but it didn’t go well like the picture I showed you earlier. It didn’t look like marble at all…maybe skill is the one that we lacked.😅
  • Oreo, Nutella & Chocolate Mochi Waffle: AMAZING. Have you ever tried the waffle with MOCHI inside? Somebody who came up with this idea is too brilliant. The taste of Mochi Waffle is so different from the normal waffle. I don’t want to be mean but I suggest that you should come and try it in person.

There are 2 branches in Taichung and the one I went to was Taichung Gongyi Store. RÊVE Café has a lot of branches all over Taiwan, some of the menus are exclusive in certain branches. Just make sure that you are going to the right place to get what you want. Here is the latest menu that you can check out.

Also, there are some menus that you can ONLY taste in Taiwan like…

  • Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Mousse Mochi Waffle
  • Mochi Waffle w/ Brown Sugar Pearl Earl Grey Milk Tea
  • Earl Grey Chiffon w/ Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

I will never tell you that those are what I wanna try for the next time. 🤭

RÊVE Café Directions ➼


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