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About Melrose Avenue

When it comes to Fashion in Los Angeles, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills will never be absent. It is most likely the first place most people come to mind. But that is a High Fashion Area, which is the gathering place of world-renowned luxury brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, GUCCI, Prada, YSL. Common people like me may not dare to enter the store even if they go. The Fashion Hot Spot I am going to introduce is Melrose Avenue, which has opposite vibes to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, it is so an approachable area that young people love to go.

Stylish, Modern, Chic, Retro, Avant-garde, using all the Fashion-related adjectives to describe Melrose Avenue is never gonna be wrong! This is a place that anyone who is interested in fashion will love. Retro Record Shops, Photogenic Cafes, Vintage Second-Hand Clothing Stores, Comic book shops, and so on. Even the passersby on this avenue or the staffs of the store have their own style! You can definitely take Instagram hot photos here. As a little influencer, it’s your loss if you don’t come! (I like this place personally because there is Rose❤ in the name.)

Melrose Ave. Directions

You MUST Go Here

I bought a corduroy print shirt at 2nd STREET, a second-hand clothing store from Japan. (Click HERE to see me wearing the shirt!) This second-hand clothing store has a large space and a variety of clothing. It is a good place to look around casually and find hidden treasures. There are only 6 stores in the United States, so don’t miss it when you visit Melrose Avenue! (Note: The clothing store in the photo is not the second-hand clothing store I mentioned.)

In addition, I heard that Paul Smith Pink Wall, which is a viral hit on Instagram, is also a famous check-in spot on Melrose Avenue. It was silly of me that I didn’t know this at all at that time! When I visit Los Angeles again, I will definitely go check it out!

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