How to Spend The Best Day at Universal CityWalk Hollywood

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Universal CityWalk Hollywood

Are you the person who wants to enjoy the theme park but doesn’t wanna spend a lot of money? If you are, Universal CityWalk Hollywood is the right one for you. Located right next to Universal Studios Hollywood and No Admission Fee Needed. You’ll be happy spending all day here without amusement rides! In this post, I am going to show you How to get there, What do they have, and What you can enjoy there. Come on, let’s go!

Follow Me to the Universal CityWalk Hollywood

If you have a car, you can check the Google Map I put at the end of this post, it will direct you to Universal CityWalk Hollywood. If you don’t have a car, no need to worry, there is still a way: Taking A Metro. Take the Los Angeles Metro Red Line and get off at Universal City/Studio City Station. From the station, you just need to cross the footbridge, get on the free shuttle bus, and it will take you to the entrance of Universal CityWalk Hollywood. (Believe me, walking all the way to get there will be the last thing you want to do because it’s quite far and it’s an uphill path.) By the way, did you see the Minion? I saw it when I was crossing the footbridge, it’s so exciting to see movie characters before arriving at our destination, isn’t it?🤩

IMG 6166

Welcome to Universal CityWalk Hollywood! Now let’s see what you can find here. You will see a lot of pictures because every single corner was worth taking!😝 (I am going to tell you guys just a couple of stores and I want you guys to visit this place in person to see the rest so that you guys can be surprised when you find something interesting. I believe that’s the Wonderfulness of Traveling.❣️)

  • Universal Studio Store: To shop your favorite Universal Studio-related Souvenirs/Goods!
  • Universal Cinema: To watch Quality Movie.🎞️🍿🥤
  • Women’s Heaven: Sephora (Click HERE to see My Best Purchase at Sephora)
  • Dodgers Clubhouse: To buy Dodgers’ official goods. Locker Room by Lids: To buy MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA teams’ licensed sports apparel and novelties.
  • Countless Clothing Stores, Souvenir Shops, Restaurants, Snack Shops, and More!

MUST-TRY Dessert & Drink!

Voodoo Doughnut originated from Portland, Oregon. (I accidentally found the Original Store when I was traveling in Portland!) I had to admit that Voodoo Doughnut is one of The Most Successful Doughnut Brands. Why? Because its concept is very Fun, Attractive and Mischievous as you can tell from the name. See the menu, doesn’t it look like a vampire’s coffin? I got a doughnut called Voodoo Doll which is the one in the picture(probably the most popular one), and you know what? The doughnut is so CUTE that I forgot how it tastes, apparently, the appearance beat the taste.😂 (I mean…how can a doughnut tastes bad?😋) They also offer some goods that people can bring back home as souvenirs!

If you have seen My Trip to Pasadena, you might already know that I’m a Boba Lover. I got a boba drink from Mini Monster Cafe which is a MUST-VISIT store in Universal CityWalk Hollywood because they only have 3 branches. And I am not lying…the drink was AMAZING!!! If you pay a little bit of extra money, you can get any drink with cotton candy on top which is the most famous and instagrammable drink there. They also have desserts, such as macarons filled with ganache. At the Long Beach branch, you’ll find the giant macaron ice cream sandwiches.

IMG 6180

I wore the Sleeveless Black & White Striped Top which is one of my favorites, I’ve worn it for so many years and I never get tired of it! Do you wanna know the secret? Black & White is a classic color combination, and Stripe is a classic pattern in the fashion industry. So they NEVER out of style. Here are some Black & White Striped Top/Dress/Jumpsuit suggestions, you can click them to see the details if you are interested! Also, if you wanna get some nice lip products, you can check my blog post about BITE Beauty. It’s always good to match red lips with black and white outfits.😉


The Darker, The Shinier

Spending all day here is Great. On the other hand, having a night out at Universal CityWalk Hollywood is also very recommended. Being surrounded by all the neon and colorful lights is what you cannot experience in the daytime! It’s good enough to just take a night stroll here and feel the vibes that you cannot feel somewhere else.

To be honest, the first time I came was daytime and the second time I came was nighttime. Since it was the second time, I didn’t take a lot of pictures. But I recommend you to take as many pictures as you can no matter it’s daytime or nighttime because there are tons of great spots to take a photo.📸

Universal CityWalk Hollywood
Universal CityWalk Hollywood
Leather Jacket | Denim Skirt

I guess it’s time to put Universal CityWalk Hollywood on your bucket list.😉 Next time I will introduce Downtown Disney District to you guys, quite similar to Universal CityWalk Hollywood but it’s all about Disney! I know you guys can’t wait because I feel the same.😬 I’ll keep you updated and see you in the next blog post!

Universal CityWalk Hollywood Directions ➼

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.♥️

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