Hiroo | 100% Guilt-free Burger at Homework’s

I came to Hiroo, Tokyo for the first experience of Blue Bottle Coffee, but it seemed that having a cup of coffee was not enough for me. I was hungry so I started looking for some food. In this post, I am going to introduce a burger restaurant that I recommend, as well as something fun that I found when I was taking a walk in Hiroo.

Usually, when I go out, I don’t decide which restaurant I’m going to eat. Unless I extremely want to eat a certain food, such as hot pot, eggs benedict, Thai food, etc. (My favorites❤) If so, I will go out for ‘eating’. I prefer to decide which ‘area’ I’m gonna go to that day, and ‘explore’ as I want after I get there. Go anywhere that attracts me and eat anything that seems delicious. No expectation and full of surprises, which is why I like to hang out by myself!

Anyway, I explored Hiroo and saw a stylish restaurant: Homework’s. Especially the Menu attracted me. For avocado lovers, it is quite difficult to resist any avocado-related food when they see that, right? Yes, I was attracted by the ‘Avocado Burger’. In addition, ‘Black Sesame Shake’ was calling me as well.


Avocado Burger & Black Sesame Shake

When the ‘Avocado Burger’ was served, it was divided into two parts, with burger meat and avocado on one side, and vegetables on the other. (The avocado was cut neatly and nicely!) The tomato and lettuce were refreshing, and it was good to take turns to eat the meat side and the vegetable side. The fries were crispy enough, not greasy, not too salty, and they were delicious without any sauce. I would say it was a guilt-free meal. It tasted way better than I thought since I didn’t expect anything at the beginning. I will probably come back again when I want to have some burgers. (Well…definitely!!!)

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‘Black Sesame Shake’ contained half-melted black sesame ice cream. The whole shake had the sweetness of vanilla, but not that sweet as chocolate. One marshmallow on the top was neither too much nor too little. When I ate the marshmallow with black sesame ice cream, it was satisfying and great.

I had the black sesame shake at Shake Shack in the US for the first time. It was said that black sesame shake was the No. 1 sales in the Japanese branch. I was so curious that I ordered one. I realized, for people like me who don’t like something too sweet, black sesame shake has a magic that makes people fall into it and irresistible. Black sesame shake is not everywhere so I was lucky to see that on that day!

How can I get to Homework’s? ➼

What I Found while Taking a Walk in Hiroo

I was so full after having the burger and the shake. Taking a walk in ‘Hiroo Strolling Street(広尾散歩通り)’ to digest sounds like a good idea!

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The word ‘営餃中’ in the photo is one of the Japanese dry jokes that dads or uncles love to tell(Oyaji Gyagu). Here is a dumpling restaurant, usually when a restaurant or a store is open, we say it’s 営業中. But the word 餃(gyo) from 餃子(dumpling) and the word 業(gyo) from 営業(to run a business) pronounce the same in Japanese, so ‘営餃中’ means ‘the dumpling restaurant is open’. I know it’s so complicated and quite hard to understand…and I am trying my best to explain to you guys. Anyway, you might give me a knowing smile when you get it. 😉


Hiroo isn’t that big, but it is a good place to relax. If you come to Tokyo by any chance and don’t know where to go, Hiroo is an option for you!


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