How and What to Dress for Holiday Party

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Holiday Party is around the corner. Are you still looking for or don’t know what’s the perfect outfit to impress people? If so, this is the right place for you.

This post will be divided into two parts, in the first part, I will show you How to Dress for Holiday Party easily. And the second part, you will see 10 Shoppable Stunning Dresses for Holiday Party which you can choose from.

If you don’t want to waste time picking the style, design, fabric, and color on your own, you can just skip to the second part to look if there’s a dress that you like.

Alright, let’s get started!

How to Dress for Holiday Party?

In this part, you will learn how to dress for holiday party with 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose the Style & Design

Step 2: Choose the Fabric

Step 3: Choose the Color

By following each step, you will find your ideal dress for holiday party and also realize it’s not that hard to choose a dress that you like. Each step is very important so it’s better not to skip any of them. Now let’s see the first one!

Step 1: Choose the Style & Design

Style is so important that it has to be the first step. It’s just like every fashion designer or creative director will decide the concept of the new collection before they start to design. So you can just pretend that you are a fashion designer or creative director and think about what your dress is going to be like.

There are 4 main styles that women would like to choose from: Chic, Cute, Elegant, and Sexy. For each style, I will give you a few examples of dresses that have different designs, so that you can just simply pick one dress from the options.

By the way, let me give you a tip: you can always try wearing dresses in different styles every year. If you’re going to wear a dress for holiday party that looks cute this year, then you can wear another dress for holiday party that looks elegant next year. And the following year you will wear a sexy dress for holiday party so that you don’t even need to think about it every year!

How to look Chic & Cool?

Women who are confident and independent, who know what they want, have their own style are tend to look chic. Therefore, instead of normal dresses, anything special, irregular, asymmetric could look chic and cool!

Try to wear these to look Chic & Cool:

  1. Shirt Dress
  2. Blazer Dress
  3. Cutout Dress
  4. Asymmetric Dress
  5. Long Sleeve Dress
  6. One-Shoulder Dress

It is a good chance to show your personality by wearing these dresses. You will definitely be in the spotlight at the holiday party.

How to look Cute & Lovely?

As long as there is something romantic such as ruffles and flare, it’s easy to look cute and lovely.

Try to wear these to look Cute & Lovely:

  1. Mini Dress
  2. Wrap Dress
  3. Tiered Dress
  4. Skater Dress
  5. Ruffled Dress
  6. Puff Sleeve Dress

A cute and lovely style is a nice choice for beginners. It’s good to wear on almost every casual occasion: party for family, party for friends, a social party, etc.

How to look Elegant & Classy?

The style “Elegant” is kind of the opposite of “Sexy”. Because an elegant dress barely shows the skin or body but still in style, and that’s the attractiveness of Elegance. Generally, if a dress is long enough to cover the knee, then it can be seen as an elegant dress.

Try to wear these to look Elegant & Classy:

  1. Midi Dress
  2. Maxi Dress
  3. Drape Dress
  4. Halter Dress
  5. Mermaid Dress
  6. High Low Dress

I mentioned that a cute and lovely dress is great for a casual occasion. Then how about a formal holiday party? Here is your answer: An elegant and classy dress will be perfect for that.

How to look Sexy & Attractive?

The sexy dresses always reveal a little bit of skin like Thigh, Breast, Back, and Shoulder, etc. Also, showing the body line(Bodycon Dress) instead of the skin seems sexy and attractive too.

Try to wear these to look Sexy & Attractive:

  1. Slit Dress
  2. V-neck Dress
  3. Bodycon Dress
  4. Backless Dress
  5. Off-the-Shoulder Dress

If there is a guy you want to attract to at the holiday party, or you are planning to look for a guy, a sexy dress might be a good option.

By the way, if you don’t know which heels to match with these sexy dresses, you can see my another blog post: 11 Flawless Sexy Heels That Attract The Guy You Like

In addition, I just want to let you know that some types of dresses could have 2 or more than 2 styles. For example:

  • Cutout Dress could look Chic and Sexy.
  • Halter Dress could look Elegant and Sexy.
  • Ruffled Dress could look Cute and Elegant.

If you don’t know what style the dress is, you can ask your friends, your family, anyone who you can trust for their opinion. Also, if you don’t mind, you are always welcome for leaving a comment here and ask me questions!

How to Mix the Style?

Nobody says you have to pick a dress that has only one style.

If you really can’t decide which style you want to dress for holiday party, or you really want to wear a dress that has two different styles, for example, you want to look sexy and cute at the same time. Then the best way is to mix two different styles, and you will get several new options to choose from!

So how do we mix the two different styles?

Remember the list of different style dresses I show you above? All you need to do is mix the design of the dresses. For example, a V-neck dress looks sexy, and a maxi dress looks elegant, then what about a V-neck maxi dress? It’s going to look sexy and elegant for sure!

Well, sounds like it’s gonna overuse your brain, right? So this is what I made for you to help you find out your ideal dress.

Chic & Cute

  • Shirt Mini Dress
  • Long Sleeve Mini Dress
  • Asymmetric Ruffled Dress

Chic & Sexy

  • V-neck Blazer Dress
  • Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress
  • One Shoulder Cut Out Slit Dress

Chic & Elegant

  • Maxi Shirt Dress
  • Cut Out Maxi Dress
  • Asymmetric Maxi Dress

Cute & Sexy

  • Slit Mini Dress
  • Bodycon Mini Dress
  • V-neck Skater Dress

Cute & Elegant

  • High-Low Wrap Dress
  • Puff Sleeve Maxi Dress
  • Tiered Ruffle Maxi Dress

Sexy & Elegant

  • V-neck Maxi Dress
  • Halter Slit Maxi Dress
  • Backless Mermaid Maxi Dress

If you are looking for a dress that looks Cute & Sexy, then you can consider the Bodycon Mini Dress which you can find above. If you want to look Sexy & Elegant at the same time, you can choose a Backless Mermaid Maxi Dress. Pretty easy, right?

Now it’s time to choose the dress that satisfies your need!

Step 2: Choose the Fabric

Since it is a holiday party, you have to be gorgeous and dazzling. (Everybody does and there is no reason you don’t!)

So how can we look gorgeous and dazzling? All you need to do is wear a sparkly dress, which means a dress with sparkly fabrics. It might be the only chance to wear a sparkly dress and impress people in the whole year, so you gotta take the chance and choose the right fabric for your dress.

There are many sparkly fabrics that have different styles. So I’m going to tell you the detail about the 6 most popular fabrics/materials of dresses for holiday party: Satin, Velvet, Fringe, Sequin, Metallic, and Diamante.


  • The great thing about Satin is that it has a glossy and delicate look just like Silk, but less pricy.
  • Not only it has a noble look but also it has smooth touch.
  • It is one of the perfect fabrics for the drape dress.


  • Sequin is one of the sparkliest fabrics.
  • It’s like a disco ball, perfect for the party.
  • If you want to be in the spotlight and be the Party Queen, Sequin might be the right one for you.


  • Any fabric that looks Metallic can be in this category.
  • It might not as dazzling as Sequin, but it shimmers beautifully.
  • A metallic dress might look cold and chic like a silver one, it’s good to choose a warm color to make a balance such as Gold.


  • Velvet is a special fabric that has a bright side and a dark side in one fabric. And you can only see each side in different certain angles.
  • There is another type of velvet called Crushed Velvet. It has an irregular pattern that you can see the bright and dark side at the same time.
  • A regular velvet is good enough, but a Crushed Velvet is truly the one for party animals.


  • Fringe really is something that can impress people. It is so eye-catching that every time you see that, you would say “Wow”.
  • Imagine when you wear a fringe dress, your every movement will be art.
  • Although a fringe dress can be sparkly and not sparkly depending on the main fabric, as long as you choose a nice color, the dress will be pretty enough.


  • Diamante is basically something made of artificial diamonds.
  • Just like accessories, it can attract people’s eyes and make you look more desirable.
  • If you want to make people “Wow”, wear a Mesh Diamante Dress. But if you want to stay classy, you can wear a dress that has diamantes in certain parts like straps or an edge. It will make you look pretty sexy too.
  • I highly recommend choosing the Black Diamante Dress so that it can shine bright in the dark.

Step 3: Choose the Color

Now, this is the last step.

The easiest way to choose the color for your dress is to match the theme of the holiday party. And I will give you 6 common colors that match most of the holiday parties, which means these colors will never fail.

Before I talk about each color in detail, let me explain why these 6 colors: Red, Green, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Champagne are the best colors for the holiday party briefly:

  • Red & Green are the symbols of Christmas.
  • Gold & Silver are Metallic colors that match the sparkly fabrics.
  • Rose Gold & Champagne are like a soft version of Metallic colors, which are good for people who don’t want to stand out too much but still be stylish.

If you are not familiar with any or one of the colors, I will tell you what’s special about them right below.



  • Green is a more mannish color compared to Red because it is closer to Blue.
  • A Deep Green is Chic, Unique, and Alluring, which is a nice color for mature women who are confident and have a strong personality.


  • Nothing can be more gorgeous than Gold.
  • Gold is such a strong color that it’s better to choose a gold dress with a simple design. Otherwise, it will be too much.


  • Silver is similar to White, so it can match well with many other colors.
  • As a metallic color, Silver is a little bit more stylish than White because it has luster and White doesn’t.

Rose Gold

  • Rose Gold is a pink metallic color that is feminine, lovely, and fashionable.
  • By wearing Rose Gold, you could look fresh and youthful.


  • Champagne is like a light and soft version of Gold.
  • Just like the color name, it is a classy and elegant color.
  • Champagne color and Satin Dress look really well together.

What to Dress for Holiday Party?

Feeling overwhelmed when you read “How to Dress for Holiday Party”?

No matter you just want to skip the process of choosing your own dress or you just can’t find the ideal dress, no worries, here are 10 shoppable stunning dresses that I picked for you.

Some of the dresses are combinations of the most popular fabrics and colors that I mentioned above. If you see anything you like, click the photo and purchase the dress, and then it’s yours!

I wish I can see your gorgeous look with any one of those dresses, and look dazzling at the holiday party this year!

1. Satin Bodycon Dress


2. Champagne Satin Dress


3. Red Velvet Dress


4. Green Backless Dress


5. Silver Sequin Dress


6. Rose Gold Sequin Dress


7. Metallic Skater Dress


8. Gold Metallic Dress


9. Black Diamante Dress


10. Pink Fringe Dress


Last but not least, if you choose the right style, right design, right fabric, and right color for the dress for holiday party, and you like the dress 100%, I believe that you will not only very enjoy wearing that dress but also will have a wonderful time at the party.

Hope that this post is helpful for finding your dress for holiday party. All I want to see is you smiling in the dress you like.

Have a good time at your holiday party!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission(No Additional Charge to You). The commission I earn will be used for creating great content in this blog and thank you for your support.

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