Burnt Orange Knit Sweater with a little bit of Sexiness

Before you read this post, I would like to give you a Fashion Tip: Dark Tone Orange is called ‘Burnt Orange’. If you are a designer or you are very familiar with color, you might already know that. In fact, I knew it when I was the Assistant Fashion Designer (Intern) in the fashion company. Somehow it sounds very cute haha. Anyways, today I wanna show you guys my Burnt Orange Knit Sweater which is cute and sexy at the same time, and you will know why soon. 😍

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Detail of this Burnt Orange Knit Sweater

Seems like a normal Orange Knit Sweater, but what makes this sweater special is the detail at the back. It is also the main reason why I bought it. There is a cut at the back with the sashes. It’s sexy because people can see a small part of the body from the back. The point is, people won’t know unless you turn around, what a surprise! 😉 I like that it’s ‘small part’ instead of ‘big part’, just a little bit of sexiness is enough to be attractive. Plus, it’s cute because there is a ribbon 🎀 when you tie up the sashes.

I couldn’t find the knit sweater with the detail like mine 🥺, but I found some lovely Orange Knit Sweaters for you guys. ☺️


Matching Fashion Items

We all know that a Leather Jacket is the classic of the classic. I believe that buying a nice classic fashion item is an Investment. 🤓 It is also very important to choose the right and quality Leather Jacket that you can wear for a long time. My leather jacket was a gift from my friend. It is made from 100% sheepskin, that’s why the jacket is so smooth. When you touch it, you will see the difference.


This Silky Animal Print Skirt is the souvenir of my Arizona trip! I stepped into a clothing store that looks nice called Pitaya, and this skirt caught my eyes. I love it because this silky-look skirt shines appropriately. With the light color animal print, this skirt doesn’t look too much, it looks very classy instead. Also, this is a bias-cut skirt, so its shape changes when you move. When you stand still, the skirt looks like a pencil skirt, but when you move, it can be a flared skirt. Isn’t it so amazing!? 🤩 If I have a chance to visit Arizona again, I would love to go back to that store to find some nice clothes!


Sock Booties became one of the fashion trends in the last couple of years. I’ve never tried the Sock Booties, so I wanted to give it a try. A while ago, I needed a pair of shoes to spend the winter. I was looking for it on ZARA online shop, and these Sock Booties are the ones I chose. I really like the shape of the toe box and heel. The block heel makes me easy to walk, the ‘sock part’ is soft, so my ankle feels comfortable. So happy that I bought these shoes.


Let me know if you have any idea of matching the Orange Knit Sweater. I would love to know and I will appreciate it if you share with me! ♥️


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