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How did I know Blue Bottle Coffee?

Blue Bottle Coffee from Oakland, California, is famous for its high-quality coffee. To me, it is a familiar and unfamiliar brand. The first time I knew about it was in downtown Los Angeles. I happened to pass by a seemingly fancy and chic coffee shop. I really like the bright white-based interior with the blue bottle logo, which is simple but easeful. At that time, there were a lot of people in the cafe. I thought that this cafe is probably quite famous. Later I realized that it is a well-run global brand. But I didn’t order any drinks then, it’s kind of regrettable when I think about it.

Now here we are in Tokyo, Japan. I heard that Blue Bottle Coffee is very popular in Japan and South Korea. It has many overseas stores and a high reputation with a lot of loyal fans. I was curious about this unique brand so I came to Hiroo in Shibuya, Tokyo to see how special their coffee is!

藍瓶咖啡 Blue Bottle Coffee
Blue Bottle Coffee 藍瓶咖啡

Blue Bottle Coffee Hiroo Cafe

At the entrance, there are blue footprints from outside to guide you inside, how cute! You can see the interior of the cafe from official website. In addition to drinks and light meals, there are blue bottle coffee exclusive coffee beans and related goods as well, which look pretty nice. They don’t have many seats so I decided to order a coffee to go.

I ordered a blended drip coffee. There are two types to choose from and the clerk will kindly explain how the two types of coffee taste like. I chose Seasonal Fall Coffee because it was autumn at that time. The coffee was dripped on the spot, so it is needed to wait 3~5 minutes. I like that their lid is translucent which looks delicate. The color of the coffee is not black, it is brown with gradation and it looks good with luster.

The Most Honest Review

Finally, it’s the long-awaited moment of tasting! Wow…my eyes widened as soon as I took a sip. The impact of this coffee was really extraordinary. Yes…I was totally surprised. I have never had coffee with such a unique flavor. The bitterness of coffee is strong. I had to say frankly that this coffee has a Taste of Adult that I cannot overcome.

There are so many branches in Tokyo, but Why Hiroo Cafe? Good Question! Because Hiroo Cafe has Blue Bottle Coffee Exclusive Beer (this is the only branch that offers the beer in Japan as I know). Unfortunately, I just wanted to try the coffee. Drinking coffee and beer at once is a little bit too much for me. If you are with your friends, tasting each other’s drinks sounds like a good idea!

I have to admit that Blue Bottle Coffee is somewhat similar to Starbucks. Regardless of the taste of the coffee, both have a recognizable LOGO, branches all over the world, official goods, loyal customers, and will call the customer’s name when the coffee is ready. Let’s not say they are competitors because everyone knows Starbucks and Blue Bottle Coffee is still in the stage of being recognized by the public. But like I said, it is a well-run brand, which makes me expect that how far it can go and how big it can be in the future. Well…we will see!

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