Best Season to Visit The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Fullerton

What a Fine Spring Day in Southern California! This is my first and the only time to visit Fullerton which is a city in Orange County, California. I was lucky to see these beautiful Cherry Blossoms(not sure if it’s cherry blossom or not, but let’s say it is😂). Besides, I accidentally found a Super Cool Cafe in Fullerton that I MUST let you guys know. Are you guys ready?

Fullerton Directions ➼

Before showing you the cafe, let’s see my OOTD really quick(Love the cacti🌵 in the background!!!😍).

  • Cornflower Blue Dress
  • Shearling Jacket/Aviator Jacket
  • Burgundy Heels
  • Animal Print Bag (Different Look 1, Look 2 & Similar Items)

Fashion Tips: Outfit with a Maxi Dress, a Mini Bag and a pair of Heels is one of the classiest looks expressing Femininity. It’s a good balance to match a Solid Dress with a Printed Bag or a Printed Dress with a Solid Bag. And you guys may already know that wearing a V Neck tends to look Sexier than wearing a Round Neck. In addition, it will be perfect to wear a Necklace with a V Neck Top or Dress! Some similar items are here, click it to see the details if you are interested! 😉


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The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Fullerton

Look at the vivid tiles on the floor, the colorful books on the wall, a bunch of bulbs in the air. If you say this cafe is an Art Museum, I would believe it. I ordered White Flamingo(you know it’s fun to order a random drink that you don’t know😉), it’s a soda drink with mandarins🍊 and vanilla bean ice cream🍨. It was as good as 🌸SPRING🥰. If you are going to visit Fullerton by any chance, I believe spending time in this cafe will make your day better!🥳

Fullerton cafe

Dripp Directions ➼


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